my old second grade stories

yeah yeah yeah is second grade i was a shitpost so i guess that stayed. i wrote stories also yeahyeahyeah.

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Chapter 1.

Adventures Of Egg Man

(Note: All of these are written in their original form. No spelling or grammar has been changed.)

Once there was a talking egg named Elmer. Elmer had many friends. Lucy Lettuce, Tommy Tomato, and Fred Frenchfri. One day there was a colassoal storm. Elmer, Lucy, Tommy, and Fred got stuck in the storm. Elmer started to glow a meon green. He started to chuckle. Before you could say "green eggs", he transformed inte Egg Man.
He said "Yehaw". His friends laghed and laghed. Elmer was worried. Why was his friends treating him so dreadfully? His velvet cape and golden belt were so atractive! He angerd and screamed "You do'nt like the amazing Egg Man?!" He flew home, the egg carton. When Egg Man got home, The 11 egg brothers laghed like his friends.
Egg Man sobbed. The brothers stoped and tried to make him feel better. Elmer felt better and flew away to find a mission. The End.


There was a drawing and Egg Man was hot af. He'll be my next husband. oH YES THAT VELVET CAPE AND GOLDEN BELT. I good vocabulary... intentions. It came out wrong though.
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