the jules story

the jules story

i have a draft story from 2018 where im detailing my life in every grade so im going to be remaking this story Right now!!

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Chapter 1.

early life

i dont have like a clear memory of everything that happened before i started middle school so this is a compilation of random memories / things ive been told.

when i was an infant my mom hit me with a shoe apparently.
my earliest memory is being on a tram at the zoo, thats when i became real i guess. i think at that same trip / one later was the one where this one song kept replaying and i was eating in the trunk of my car.
my earliest dream i remember is a bunch of people holding a trampoline and i was jumping onto the moon with it and then jumping off onto the trampoline and repeat. i think sesame street was to blame for that.
i barely remember anything from preschool except for this bitch named julia who always pretended to be me bc our names were so similar, and on halloween we were all gonna be diff princesses and i was aurora and she said she was being someone else and then came as aurora and we were the only repeats i was so mad.
we also made a scrapbook in preschool and all of us did it wrong, ive still got it though. i also had a crush on a kid named luke and i never did nap time and i would slap myself silly for never taking advantage of it if i met 4 y/o me.
this is basically the extent of what i remember besides boring shit.
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Okie can you finish chapter 3 plz
on it
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17 days ago