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Cat Lovers
I'm a really big fan of cats, I have three myself at home. :) If you like cats, then join this page :) So, yeah!
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100 ways to bug...
Your teacher, parents, friends, etc. hehehe*evil laugh and mischievous look*
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Feline Underworld
Demon Cats! You can make your own, or adopt one. This is a roleplay/adoptables page for demon cats in the overworld. You can also play them in the underworld. I hope you enjoy! :D
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My Little OC
Have a MLP OC? Post it here! A story for your OC? Here is the place! Want to see other's OCs? Here!
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derpy hooves fan page
derpy fans only derpy is awesome and become a member if u agree enjoy!
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fashionistas only
for those fashion lovers out there i will post cute dresses,accesories and shoes
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Awkward Moments
share your awkwardness? o.O or um just laugh at other.. i guess ;-; ._.
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dark clan
hi I am snowfall and I used to be in thunder clan until I left but that's a different story so if you want to join my clan right a post or a member request hope you like it bye
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Who here uses "lol" a lot? I do! If you love to laugh, join this page! Once you're a member, post funny (and appropriate) jokes and wait for the lols!
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Creepypasta fanpage
Do you like scary stories? Do you like legends? If so, come check out this new page!
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Language of the Elves
This page is where you learn about the language of the elves. It is really interesting, I promise!!
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Do you like dragons? If you do, than this is the page for you! Talk about dragon myths, and find out what other myths and dragon lore are out there.
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Truth or Dare
This is a really fun truth or dare page! Here are the steps. 1. Become a member. Only members are allowed to play. Don't worry, I will accept you. 2. Post a new post: Truth or dare? 3. Then find one that says Truth or dare a...
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Would you rather...
At this page we ask questions like would you rather THIS or that! Feel free to leave a comment!
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