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i think there might be something haunting my house, how can i tell what it is?
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im doing another story! anyone want to have a character in it?
so, im making a new story. its a warrior cat thing btw. so bloodclan rejoins several years later and the main character Rose (changes name later) runs away to find them because her 2 brothers dont believe that they are real. pl...
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on a scale of 1 to 10, how creepy is this picture?
my little sis drew this and it looks CREEPY!
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what song really describes you??
what song describes you? mine is Roar by katy perry :)
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how do i get a song out of my head?
how do i get a song out of my head?my dad says to listen to barny the purple dino songs but then i get that stuck in my head.plz help :)
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questions for music lovers
ok..i need a new song to sing.i wanted to know if you had any idais :)
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ok what would you do if a boy asked you for a hug constantly and told you you were cute??
please tell me what you would do. :)
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