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Dead Silence
vampires, werewolves, angles, witches, mermaids, dragons, demons. what more can i say?
12 reads 9 readers 3 by SilentKelsey15
My Broken Purdy Girl. *An Ashley Purdy Love Story*
Ashley Purdy. Better known as base player for world famous rock band, Black Veil Brides. He's a ladies man and he changes girlfriends more then he changes underwear. While walking the streets after a concert in New York City he...
13 reads 9 readers 0 by SilentKelsey15
Nothing But The Best! (A One Direction Love Story)
Gale, Daisy, Melody, Lilly and Raven are new to the music scene and are changing the way we all see girl-bands. Loud and full of stupidity many have said their the female one direction, but I'll let you choose.
62 reads 22 readers 7 by SilentKelsey15
How about Nialldo's? ~ A Niall Horan and 1D Fan-fic ~
I'm just obsessed with Niall from 1D, I'm not exactly a fan girl or anything, but I just like Niall and his personality, his accent and so I decided to write a fan-fiction. Sorry if this is a bit stupid, but I just felt like wr...
177 reads 42 readers 66 by Beauty784
I wish...
This is a song I wrote about a person that has lost her love and everything she had in life and now the only ambition that is left for her is to die.
20 reads 16 readers 10 profile storyby secretgirl