Dead Silence

Dead Silence

vampires, werewolves, angles, witches, mermaids, dragons, demons. what more can i say?

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Chapter 1.
Dead Silence: In The Dead Of The Night (Shay & Sora)

Dead Silence: In The Dead Of The Night (Shay & Sora)

The sky was dark as Sora sat staring at the moon high above her, she'd often wished Shay were here with her. She'd missed her old friend so, Shay had always been the loving, kind, sweet one out of the two. Sora could freeze a building with how cold she could be at times, she regreted it all the same.

Sora hasn't seen Shay in two years.

It hurts her, he's all she can seem to think about, when Shay disappeared it broke her heart. They were all each other had, now it was just her.

Sora wondered where he was tonight and wondered if he was looking at the moon, and wondering where she was. If he was still alive.

But she could feel it he was out there somewhere, he had to be.

"Hey, kid." Kaiyo said from behind her and she smiled at her, "Hey, Kaiyo." Sora said as Kaiyo sat beside her, Kaiyo was beautiful a she was a Siren. A mythical creature that sung to draw in sailors or pirates to kill them, they say a singing voice of a Siren is one of the sweetest things you can ever hear, and it's true.

"You know we will be leaving soon." Kaiyo said looking at her younger friend, Sora nodded once and stood up, "I know Kai." She said dusting off her pants, Kaiyo stood as well and dusted off her skirt and they made there way back to camp.

Sora was a vampire, she died when she was sixteen and hasn't looked a day older since even though she died in times before mid-evil castels.

The two walked back to there camp, which only was a bonfire and sleeping mats.

"Goodnight, Sora." Kaiyo said going to sleep.

"Night, Kaiyo." Sora said staring up at the moon, she knew there wasn't any sleep in her future.
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on October 24, 2013
Write me a Louis Love Story Please?! I LOVE YOU!!!! RYAN APPROVES!
on October 24, 2013
You should make another one it is good
on August 13, 2013