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Tornado's Q&A
Okay, I'm going to (try to) answer your questions. And now you mat say, but you already made a Q&A. Well, that one didn't fly. Rules: 1. Nothing Inappropriate 2. Be nice 3. First person to ask gets a internet cookie :3
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It's terrible to know that your friends are dead. I should know. My friends and I are all being executed, and we've now idea why, and now I am going to be the last one to die.
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Countries Of The World: Italy
This Episode Italy, Lol Today I Will Tell You About Italy As Suggested By Marguarette3636 Starting With An Introduction
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Counties Of Our World: Liechtenstein
Today I'll Be Doing Liechtenstein As Requested By BackToHumans. Remember To Sugest A Country Or Micronation
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Countries of Our World: Japan
Hello, I Am Going To Be Starting A Seires (<---- Miss Spelled) This Episode Japan
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The Dark Desent
This Is A Story That I've Been Writing For Writing In School. It's Based Off Of An Internet Game Called Amnesia: The Dark Desent.
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