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What is the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath?
They sound the same to me but I know nothing about psychology or sociology.
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Has Anyone Heard The iNSaNiTY Song ?
If So, What Do You Think Of It ? If Not, Get On YouTube And Search Insanity Song
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Do You Think Pluto Is A Planet
Some People Say It Is A Dwarf Planet And I Am Begining To Agree. I Just Wan't Your Opinion
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How Do I Get/Make A Slender Man Halloween Costune
I've Been Reading About Slender Man And Wanna Be Him For Halloween And Can't Get The White Face Or Tenticles Cause I Don't Know How To Make It Suit Is Easy
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Have You Anything To Say About 9/11?
One Of The Worst Days In American History If You Live In Another Country Besides The United States On September 11th 2001 Four Planes Were Hijacked By Terrorists From Sadi Arabi 2 Were Crashed Into The World Trade Center Or...
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Have You Ever Wanted To Ask Me Something Well Then Heres A Questions And Answers
Ask Me Anything You Could Ask Me About Were I Live Or The Video Games I Play Mario,Zelda,Super Smash Bros. Brawl (SSBB) No Questions About My Gender,What Country I LIve In Or Anything TO Random I Will Answer Some Random Ques...
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Doesn't The Hawaiin Flag Look So Cool
Chinese Zodiac Chart 1995-2012
Before I Start I Will Tell You Some Basic Information Yin=Evil Yang=Good Each Year Has An Element And An Anamal 1995-Pig-Yin Wood 1996-Rat-Yang Fire 1997-Ox-Yin Fire 1998-Tiger-Yang Earth 1999-Rabbit-Yin Earth 2000-Dragon...
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Help Me See Description
Sometimes When I Load A Page It Will Log Me Out! What Do I Do?!?!? It's So ANNOYING! EVEN CAPS LOCK ISN'T ENOUGH TO EXPRESS MY ANGER
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If You Could Control One Element What Would It Be
If You Could A SUPER POWER What You Choose
If You Had 1Million Dollars What Would You Do
Thats Alot Of Money What Would You Do
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Do U Like Waffles Or Pancakes
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What Is Your Favorite Video Game
Mine Is The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
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