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Yeah! Qfeastermon! Enjoy! I may or may not add pokemon designs, but still!
113 reads 22 readers 39 profile storyby yespleasetouchthatsomemore
The Qfeast Lover
A true story based on two Qfeasters. She befriends a Qfeaster who falls in love with her. They live miles and oceans apart, they are connected by Qfeast and a friendship that blossoms the most but will this be enough to bring t...
64 reads 30 readers 1 by Akane
Forced and Hurt
Well, I will not spoil the story by putting a explanation of how it will go.
98 reads 45 readers 24 by Jeweled_Feather
Shattered Winter
A boy named Tetsuya ( t eh t s oo y ah ) is at a party with his friends and decides to try the punch. He takes a sip and becomes very fond of it. So he drinks the whole glass. About an hour later he faints. When he awakens, He ...
15 reads 7 readers 2 by AgnesTheCat
Sword Art Online
This is the story of Syria and her adventure through Sword Art Online, with many others also.
68 reads 26 readers 12 by Lovelyperson
The Matchmaker
Lindsay started her 9th grade year as a regular student, but then she starts a blog that helps people in her school find their true match, but she has a secret... She has never been in a relationship.
981 reads 52 readers 253 by CrystalDiamond2323