The Qfeast Lover

The Qfeast Lover

A true story based on two Qfeasters. She befriends a Qfeaster who falls in love with her. They live miles and oceans apart, they are connected by Qfeast and a friendship that blossoms the most but will this be enough to bring them together? Read on about her Qfeast life, Qfeast friends, Qfeast love and the path she takes on Qfeast.

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Chapter 1.


14 years old, stuck at home for summer holidays and bored to death! Surfing the net for something nice, I played along with this site named Qfeast that brought along interesting quizzes about personalities and such stuff. Well, it wouldn’t do much if I just logged in and visited once in a while for new quizzes, would it?

It was on another rainy day stuck at home once more that I decided to get back to this site I had checked in before. Qfeast, was it? It was funny enough to see that even though my wall was totally empty, I had obtained followers! My first follower and the first one to talk to me: ejtkl. It was that epic conversation where you have that person who does not really match you in all aspects but who gets along with you so well that you think you have known her from way before your descent on Earth! Yes, she was awesome! At first, I thought ‘she’ was a guy  -_-  What embarrassment to figure out my lovely friend was actually a girl who was so wonderful that it kept me getting on Qfeast even more. I saw how famous she was with over 100 followers while I had only less than 3. My aim was to be as famous and lovely as her. She was younger than me by 2 years though.

I kept opening the site every day. Checking my messages filled by new encounters, new friends all living abroad and far from my country and we ended up all getting along in groups or personally. Such happiness it was to discover them! I tried creating my first quiz because quizzes were what brought me on here! I got my polls easier and writing was a lovely hobby I got into as well!

Looking forward to other encounters, I got on Qfeast every night.
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