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If you changed brain and body?
If you had a brain transplant and you later had children would the children be yours or would they be the children of the original body owners children?
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If you had to choose between your birth and raising families what would you choose?
You have no memory of your birth family, except for what you made after meeting them for the "first" time and they all tell you about how much they missed you. You also have the family that raised you, your "adopted father" kil...
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What's your favorite theme/soundtrack?
What's your favorite undertake music track mine is undyne's battle theme
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What are the biggest things on your Holiday wish list this year?
anything you want realistic or not, whats on your list this year?!?!
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I'm thinking of making a sonic of of myself?
OK so I'm going to make myself I to a sonic OC... But I want to know what you guys think it shoul d be (fox, hedgehog, ect) so just put your suggerstions here and I'll choose the one I like best
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should I...
I'm thinking of posting a newer picture of myself but idk what I should have special about it if you guys want me to post, can you toss out some ideas? If you don't think I should post or don't care, don't answer :3
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what Pokemon would you think I would be if I were one?
I really want to know what you guys think i t would be!
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what do yo think about this?
I've been seeing this theory a bit lately.... it's about the whole universe possibly being just a computer simulation and I want to know what your opinions are about if it's true.
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What if....
What if your favorite show became reality, what would your feelings be about it?
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What 2 unexpected supplies
what 2 odd supplies do you take with you when you go to mine in minecraft? I usually take a dirt block and a sapling
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What's the worst part????
what would be the worst part of a Zombie Apocalypse (like no power, the endless hordes of zombies, ect.)
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I might write a fanfiction but i have no writhing skills would anyone read it?  Its will be about SAO just so everybody knows
well my friend made a fanfiction well now so will I.
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Have you seen my page?
I made a page that SAO fans would love but I don't think anyone has even seen it... i was hoping (if you even look at the question) if you will go look at at. Here's a link:
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riddle!!! can you solve this
i have no eyes and i copy everything i see perfectly what am i?
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Does anyone else play World of Warcraft?
IF you do could you please tell me the server your toons lvl, name, and class?
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