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Odd One Out
Kara is a girl who tries to fit in with the cool kids - but they don't fit in with her!
16 reads 8 readers 4 by NeonTiger
The Hunger Games - Will YOU Survive?
Okay, you have been picked for the HUNGER GAMES!! You can choose what you do, what weapon you take and so on. Have fun and be careful!
340 reads 31 readers 15 by NeonTiger
Sonic fanfic with OC characters
This is a Sonic OC with Mobians I created. The main character is called Ara and her (adopted) sister is called Ida. Hope u enjoy!
38 reads 9 readers 7 profile storyby NeonTiger
Horror story
This is about you and what YOU do, and it is a bit like the movie Jumaji exept with mirrors and... you know what, just read the story.
97 reads 21 readers 10 by NeonTiger
I'm Still Wond'rin
This is a song i made up sometime random. Comment below please cos I don't know how good it is
7 reads 7 readers 6 profile storyby NeonTiger
Divergent - Amity Initiate
This is about a girl called Nera (full name Neralia) who is in Dauntless but then chooses Amity. No copyright intended, a section of this is from the actual Divergent book, which is written by Veronica Roth and it is hers to own.
207 reads 27 readers 33 by NeonTiger
Like Mah Song?
This is a song I wrote cos I was bored :O Hope u enjoy! (PS: Plez don't copy)
23 reads 17 readers 9 by NeonTiger
This is a bit like SapphireRose's story, sorry about that, but it's still different. Hope you enjoy!
42 reads 9 readers 6 profile storyby NeonTiger
Fern and Thor
Ok, just a warning that this is long with a capital L! Don't tire urself out reading it!
18 reads 8 readers 1 by NeonTiger
A Trip of a Lifetime
This was my 'Sample Topic' given so I'm just going to write it as it's my first time writing a story.
6 reads 6 readers 2 profile storyby NeonTiger