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The Mental Patience
A man who has taken all he can from society is on the brink of a mental break down. Finally, after many years of humiliation, he finds the key to happiness.
10 reads 7 readers 3 by Mr.Slinky
Poetry Compilation
The only way I know I can safely release some built up frustration and sorrow now.
26 reads 14 readers 5 by Mr.Slinky
Pain of Love
This is just a short story unlike most of my other stories just to write to escape some built up emotions i've been feeling. Enjoy.
25 reads 17 readers 3 by Mr.Slinky
Story of Love and Lies
If you had everything and everyone on your side. What would be left to fight, but to fight for something is sometimes nothing as compared to fighting on something.
11 reads 11 readers 1 by Mr.Slinky
A hundred years after the world is destroyed in a nuclear war that lasted just a few days, clans rise up from the ashes, and survival in this brutal new world is tough. One 17 year old boy is captured and taken as a slave and s...
10 reads 10 readers 3 by Mr.Slinky
The Wicked
A strange new virus contaminates and plagues the world. Everyone infected is either crazed or dead. Anyone not infected must struggle to survive. From my story "The Infected" I have finally finished editing it and I am just rep...
18 reads 9 readers 6 by Mr.Slinky
Legion 200
The darkness is best where there is no light. For one to light is one to smite.
5 reads 4 readers 10 by Mr.Slinky
The Infection
The apocalypses hits, and man and a few survivors struggle to survive.
44 reads 13 readers 9 by Mr.Slinky