Memories of the Underworld, Encounter with the Demon

Memories of the Underworld, Encounter with the Demon

When I woke, I couldn't remember anything. My mind was an eternal blackness of despair, shrouded by an unknown force. Who was I, and where was I?

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Woken Up, Opened my Eyes

I kept my eyes closed to start. I felt a heat resonating onto my skin, coming in waves as though from a fire. My skin began to sweat, soon becoming a burn. The sweat beaded from the pores in my skin and ran down, trickling into small bubbles on the surface. As it ran down it heated until it was boiling and turned to vapor.
I squeezed my eyes tighter feeling the burning sensation on my skin. My hair began curling up, feeling tighter on my head. The fuzz on my arms and legs twisted and whirled about. The heat grew more intense until it flamed and singed leaving behind nothing but charred skin. Tears began forming in my eyes from the intense pain. However even the tears did not stay long and began boiling themselves, only to increase my pain. I was on my back and wearing nothing other than an uncomfortable wool cloth over my body. Beneath me lay the hard, seething, ground. The ground was burning, and I could feel it's heat through my wool garment as though there were nothing between me and the ground at all. The skin on my back seemed to be boiling away. The more it burnt, the more the wool dug into my skin.
I took in a breath trying not to lose my mind at this extreme setting. All I could smell was smoke. It was a thick, heavy smoke that fulled my lungs, weighing them down and making it harder to breath. I coughed as my lungs filled more and more with this smoke. The smell enveloped my senses and soon I could even taste it. It was bitter and tar like instantly making me nauseous.
Finally, I stood up and opened my eyes. What I saw nearly put me into shock. There was a valley of burning ash as far as I could see. Nothing but rolling hills of ash, falling hard and cementing itself into the older even hotter ash. An orange glow illuminated from  black ash. Smoke rose from cracks in the ash covered hills. The smoke was black, and heavy, just as it felt to breath.
I turned around and saw nothing but the same endless, despairing scenery. Everywhere I saw was nothing but hills of burning ash and black smoke. I began to panic both mentally and physically as I was burning the more ash fell on me. I screamed but nothing came out. Only a petrified silence. That was all there was. Not just my scream but everywhere. There was nothing but silence. A deep silence that penetrates you and buries itself deep withing you.
Where was I?
In fact, who was I?
I had no clue where I was or my identity. Why was I here? Suddenly I heard a voice behind me, and I turned in shock. There was a man. At least, I think it was a man. He was dressed in a black, torn cloak that covered all but his face and chest. His chest was build and muscular, but was heavily scarred and the color of white. His face was barely visible from the shade of his cloak. What I could make out was a black goatee and long black hair hanging over his eyes to further add to his silhouette figure. He held a black sword that was barbed at the end and at the hilt. His feet were visible underneath the cloak, and I could make out that they were charred black from walking on the ash covered fields. His voice was deep and slow. It too, like everything else here, was heavy and coarse and grainy.
"Welcome," was all he said.
"Where am I?" When I spoke I was shocked that I could hear myself as the previous was muted.
"You are in the place where screams are not heard and suffering is without end or relief. So I am to give you another welcome to this place. Welcome to this place called Hell." At this he opened his arms in an encompassing manor gesturing to the ash hills around us.
My mind was in shock. How did I get here and why was I in Hell? "So I am in... Hell? Why am I here, how do I get out?" I asked in a panic.
He gave a loud, hoarse, hearty laugh at my questions. "Get out?! You can not escape! No one can! This is Hell. People come here to repent from their sins for all eternity!" You are here for committing unforgivable sins during your lifetime. And now you shall remain here forever, never to escape, never relenting of your suffering, repenting and forever begging for forgiveness only to find that your please fall on def ears." He gave a devious smirk removing his hood and moving his face next to mine, touching noses with mine. "In other words... you're stuck here forever just like the rest of us!" At this, he gave another loud laugh into the air.
My mind froze once he said this. "What could I possibly have done to deserve this! I don't even remember who I am, let alone what I did to get here! I just woke up laying here in this miserable place. Please, help me leave this place! I don't belong here!"
"As I said before. There is no escape. You are stuck here forever. There is no leaving and no dying. Only traveling further into Hell, for this is but the entrance and least miserable place of all the areas of Hell."
This was only the entrance? I thought to myself. But such a horrible place and this was only the entrance? "So who are you at least? Are you a sinner as well?"
"Ha ha no! I am the guardian of the entrance of Hell. I am to make sure no one ever leaves or stays out of this overworld part of Hell."
"Why can no one stay here?"
"Because they must suffer their fate in the lower depths. That is the will of the Foreseers. None shall leave, and all shall suffer. I am here to make sure that happens."
"and what if we don't?  You just said no one here can die."
"You are reborn in the lowest depth of Hell only to suffer at the greatest extreme there."
"I swalloed hard shutting my eyes. When I reopened my eyes, the hills were gone along with the man. Instead there was nothing. Only blackness.
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there's SO many typos in it XD and some details I left out. I'll be taking it down tomorrow and revising it before I post my second chapter
on July 14, 2015
on July 14, 2015
Man, this is really good
on July 14, 2015