My real name is Liliana. I am a girl! Im actually really shy. And i can't really express myself well. Anyway, I just love animals, art, and music. Colors um... i guess white, red and See More▼
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Stitched Dreamer
Stitched Dreamer
This story is fiction.

One time, in my dreams, I saw this girl. Her entire body had stitches, as well as her clothing. Her eyes a cold yellow and grey color. Her hairl brown, with a strip of bright red. Her appearance surged fear through my body. I yelled in fear and ran. Everytime I looked behind myself, the girl was there. Eventually, I felt pain in my lower back area. My eyes flicker open and see the...
on November 20, 2016
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Oh my flipping Kami! I found out my crush likes me back! So, my little brother who is nine-years-old kept schooling a 14-year-old on Roblox. I was told it was my crush. So they started talking, okay? My brother told me the whole thing. Also, my brother is too much of a sucky liar, so I knew he was telling the truth.

Apparently, Evan (my crush) said he had a secret crush. My brother asked who. Evan said Liliana from Los Osos. When I was told this I died of joy! Unfortunately, I have no contac...
on October 21, 2016
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Read this!
I decided to move this story to Watt-pad. Mostly because when I leave this site and come back, I cant edit my stories. I use my tablet, so thats a problem. So the story has the same title, but I'm changing things up a bit. So if you like this story, look for it on Watt-pad.
on October 12, 2016
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Chapter 11
My heart is pounding. I'm in my room, lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling. Boys are so... I don't know. I can't believe I got into a love triangle! My phone rings and I pick up. Here's the conversation.

Me: H'lo?
???: Hey, Kathy! It's me Aaronn!
Me:How did y-you get my number?
Aaronn: Elliana (Ellie) gave it to me.
Me: O-oh. What's up?
Aaronn: I was wondering if you... wanna go on a date?
Me: Wh-what!?
Aaronn: Date! Me. You. At the cafe near the park?
Me: S-sure, I-i guess...
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Ask My Story Characters!
That's right everyone! You can ask my weird characters questions. Ask anything, I won't reject any.
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Hunter x Exam x Phase 1 pt.2
When I saw Kurapika and Leorio, I jogged over to 'em. A mischievous grin on my face. I turn to Leorio.
"Hey, Leorio, I thought you wouldn't make it." I tease.
"Shut up, shortie!" He yells at me.
"Just. Kid. Ding!"
"I'm sorry, Leorio... Also" I say, then my surrounding turned dark, "Don't. Call. Me. Short. Okay?"
I say the last part cheerful. He nods rapidly. Satotz clears his throat, gaining everyone's attention. He ...
on August 04, 2016
Hunter x Exams x Phase 1 pt. 1
I laugh at Kurapika and Leorio as we arrived at the examination area. Gon was pulled in and his brain is frying... We enter the room and a small creature walks up to us. He holds tags out to us. I grab mine, and its number is 402. I see a fat, short man approach us and offers obviously poisoned juice. I grab all the cans from him and crush them, glaring at the fatty. He backs away, freaked out.
"Oi! Lila, what the h***!? He was being nice!" Leorio yells at me.
"How mean, Leo. I wa...
on July 31, 2016
Ch. 6
Once again, Naruto was creating mischief. This time, he painted the faces of the previous Hokages. In class, Yui knew his plan. He always told her his plans. Everyone in the class was snickering.
'Well, he's at it again!' Yui wrote, showing Hinata with a smile.
Just then Naruto was put at the front of the room. Iruka was scolding the poor kid. He gave him the punishment of cleaning up his mess. Once again everyone snickered. That is until they heard these word:
"Because you sk...
on July 27, 2016
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Ch. 5
A couple months have passed, and Yui is friends with a few new people. Sakura and Ino played with her despite her non-verbal speech. Kiba had apologized to her and they played pranks on some people. Choji was always happy Yui shared her snacks with him. Yui was always around one or two of her friends. Right now, Yui is laughing at Kiba's joke. And the two are walking to class. Kaito was with Sasuke. Kaito and Yui grew distant, they don't talk to one another anymore. In class, everyone's d...
on July 22, 2016
It's so accurate! I have sleep problems though...
You are Umbreon! And you like nighttime better then daytime and you like to stay up all night!
on July 23, 2016
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Chapter 10
I wake up to Ellie yelling at me from downstairs. I smile. Now she has to wear cold under clothes. I walk down and get hit in the face with a foam football. Oh yeah, Ellie has a older brother iit's the 8th grade. I get mad.
"Y-you big j-jerk!" I yell awkwardly.
"Calm down, Kath. It was an accident." Ellie says with a smirk.
I sit next to Ellie at the table. Her brother is forever tormenting me! I can't even use the bathroom without him constantly yelling through the door. We f...
on July 08, 2016
When my guy friends fangirl... about yaoi and yuri.
on July 22, 2016
Ch. 4
Yui was eating a sandwich. Later today is her first day at the academy! Kakashi was in bed still sleeping. It's 8 AM and Yui is excited. She makes herself a lunch. Kakashi walks downstairs seeing Yui. She made him breakfast. Yui is now 5. Here's a secret. Yui has been taking care of an injured tiger cub. So, Kakashi doesn't know about it. Looking at the time Kakashi eats his food. Yui runs upstairs to get ready. She puts on her favorite shirt with the ninja symbol. She put on shorts that ...
on July 21, 2016
I hate it when you post something on here. Then qfeast makes it private. I try fixing it, but it's still private.
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Ch. 3
"Yui, wake up." Kakashi sayyou're ndly.
"Mmmmnnmooooooo." She complains.
With that Kakashi pulls the covers off her. Her eye open. She does her demon death glare. Kakashi gently kicks her out of bed. With that, Yui sucker punches his leg.
"Yui, don't you want to see your brother? You're meeting him at the academy. Then you'll do whatever." Kakashi tells the sleepy girl.
'What about you, Kakashi?' Yui writes.
"I have a meeting with the hokage."
Yui throw...
on July 20, 2016
Ch. 2
Yui stared out her window. It's been half a year since she started living with her "uncle". A gentle knock is given from her door. She turns her head to see Kakashi. A smile crept to her face.
"Yui, beings you don't speak much, I got you a notepad. That way you can still communicate." Kakashi says, handing her the notepad.
"Thank you, Kakashi!"
"No problem. Also, I'm gonna teach you some things. You can use them for self - defense."
He waved her over, while walking away. Y...
on July 19, 2016
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