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Supernatural remade with new characters
The original had no plot so rewritten and yeah I just need new characters also your characters will show there friends rivals and there over at the camp
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The future of mobuis keinoa's story
So he's human so yeah I don't care if I kill this whole thing there's nothing you can do I had fun making this
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10 facts on my ocss
Give me a break it's for while my other story's are coming out this story will be simple
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You choose
Like mine craft story mode were you choose how it's played out I'm so excited to do this
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Keinoa's story
I have a chat page and the question is for a making a character also this oc is based off of me that's right also please have more characters for me
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Dead in the daylight
Making a story like day by day light but there is weapons this time and it's dead in daylight
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Life with sonic exe (rewritten!)
If you hate creepy pasta or you get scared easily and you don't like violent stuff I would highly and strongly recommend to leave right now
19 reads 5 readers 1 profile storyby Hyperthehedgehog
Life with sonic exe story
Warning brutal deaths like people losing arms like that I would recommend not to read this this if you hate creepy pasta okay so go now! And really bloody images
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