The making of hyper

The making of hyper

Hyper was My first oc so I decided to make this story about the making of hyper

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Chapter 1.
How I made him

How I made him

Hyper was 1st made when I was playing a roblox game I was thinking of a oc the name sapphire came to mine but I thought  then people would say it's a girl oc even though  hyper was a boy the name was never seen before the name diamond came to mine because I loved diamonds I wanted hyper personality  be like me looking for diamonds but then  someone playing as sonic in the game same hello diamond? And I said sorry I couldn't come out with a cool name so yeah I stopped  playing the game until I thought of a name he got the name since I have so much energy I decided  to use the name hyper I wanted to make this oc for role play I was gonna be nertual

were he was a emery to sonic  and his friends and sometimes he's good I wanted him to be related to shadow but I didn't like it so I didn't remove him but I just stopped  using him I waited for when to use him and boom he comes back as related to sonic this time I wanted to fix it so I  made it were it was a clone of him also he was created by Eggman after that not playing  that robolox game I talked about then I when on to fix it I added a fedora to hyper that he wears and

Bananda on his mouth and had a pink aimer on his shotgun yameilette is a role model to him hyper respect her I don't ship hyper with her since yameilette is dating sonic and I'm not gonna start shipping  hyper with yameilette once sonic and yameilette oc broke up no that's just rude
Then I was a fan of avengers I decided to change a bit that's when the superheroes  I made the 3 superhero hyper was gravity  master and keinoa was weapon welder and John was future fighter but we will talk about future fighter and weapon welder in different stories
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cool story
on August 30, 2018