Battle of the gifted few season 1 episode

Nominations control challenge then is the immunity challenge and then someone gets eliminated

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Chapter 1.

Nominations control challenge

Jack:hey everyone it's now the nominations control challenge
Keinoa:so what are we doing for this
Jack:well you'll find out  ×snaps fingers×
×everyone wakes up in a house×
Blue firey:oh nonononono! I know this place
Keinoa:×gets up×okay I'm in a random place
Jack:×his voices echos×good luck all of you have a challenge on a paper find that and the door unlocks for you
(Everyone is not in the same house)
Jack:×his voices echos again×did I scare you noa?
Keinoa:yes!×walks×now to find the paper  to find to find my challenge
Noa's interview:yeah I need this so I can get rid of hydro I'm gonna put him up next too fedora then I'm gonna tell blue firey is a pawn put him up and lastly is hyper
Hyper's interview:so I can't use my powers to show me were the paper is I would be eliminated  from this challenge for cheating
Fedora:ugh this place is gross it's so dusty! ×opens the fridge and finds the paper×yes! Okay what challenge really I have to go the basement to find the key seriously  it's so dirty
Fedora's interview:I guess I'm gonna do noa maybe fang because she's ugly and I don't know who are the other too but I want  blue firey to have a final 2 wiht him but don't tell him but I have a small crush on him
Blue firey:the heck is this steps ×sees a paper×
Paper:×it's not ii paper×go have luck on your searching
Blue firey:okayyy? ×finds a another one×
Paper:you better run
Blue firey:×sees someone with a axe×oh god come on!×runs into a bedroom×oh crap I'm being sandwiched right now!×try to open the window×no! This crazy! I swear I'll have to burn this demon if I have too ×places salt×I think I'm safe I have to be
Blue firey's interview:I hope I'm a pawn so hydro can go home I think I might stay here until someone wins
Noa:okay my challenge is to find the key in spaghetti plates×sees one×okay oh wait there's more and if I lose 3 times I'll get killed  by someone oh god ×does the wrong one and screams×
Noa's  interview:what I don't want to die! Probably  hydro has a easy one
Hydro:this is so hard play a game of dead of daylight and win one match with your alive
Noa's interview:right?
Noa:okay I the 1st key to unlock it
Fedora:got the 1st key too
John:easy key
sign:×jumps up and down×
fang:why so many fake keys well at least they gave me one lock
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