Noa the exe slayer

So noa is now a hunter like Sam and dean from supernatural and Simon Belmont from castlevania series and Megaman were who ever he kills he gets an power

published on November 02, 201821 reads 9 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

How it all started

Noa:×walking on a random street hmm were am I? I mean I have been lost for an hour now I'm starting  to get sleepy it's 3 in the morning I got hour of sleep hmm? Wait this is my old school and my old rope I used as a whip ×picks it up×oh I loved this wait this is how I kicked out of school
×a whisper  talks to noa×
Noa:×takes out the whip×anyone want to fight?! Huh!
Whisper:follow me
Noa:×follows the sound of the whisper and sees a portal×hmm?×Noa gets kicked into the portal×uh oh!×falls  on his face and gets up×oh no!
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