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What do you think of Weaboos?
Pretty simple. A weaboo is a person unnaturally obsessed with anime and manga and who probably has pictures of their favorite characters everywhere. They tend to 'speak' in Japanese as well. This question is strictly for ente...
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Tell me your favorite book/novel of any genre?
From Hercule Poirot to the Fault in Our Stars to Harry Potter, it can be anything!
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I was thinking of making a "who will win the million?" type of scored quiz, and i was wondering what you guys think?
I'm also not sure how long to make it. Right now, it's just ten super hard questions. c: I may make 15, 20, 25..
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Does anyone play Roblox or Woozworld?
I was wondering if anyone here played 'em.
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How long have you been on QFeast?
Just curious. I think two years or a year and a half.
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i've been a little stiff...-back goes CRACK- yeah i didnt make quizzes what quiz should i make?
been a little stiff...know what quiz i could make?
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If voldemort had hair what hair would u
If voldemort had hair which hair style would u like more?
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What's the worst thing in a nightmare?
What do u think is The worst thing in a nightmare???
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Who said this quote in Harry potter " now if you could excuse me I'm going to bed before u two get us killed"
what season do u like most
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What's ur horoscope???
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What is heaven like?
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Are u a geek or cool or normal?
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What cartoon remembers u of childhood?
What is ur fav dog breed?
There are lots of dog breeds but what's ur fav one? German shepherd?chiwawa?golden retriever?beagle?Labrador if u remember then answer!!!
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What is ur fav junk food or fav food?
Why can't u make woozworld quizzes?