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When the bad Lunarians send the goods or Royals running, the Royals discover that they're hiding spot is right next to the other side of the moon, which they figure out they can save by retrieving the Dark Moonstone! But when t...
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Half Moon
When a planet from many galaxies away comes out of orbit and hits the blue moon, life starts and the Lunarians start discovering new parts of the moon. When all parts of the moon are discovered the Lunarian race thinks that lif...
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How to rule the universe
In this story I use my tips on how to rule the universe, or should I say Brendanverse? The words in () are an example of mine. There is no particular order to do them in.
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Tri-Squad Story Collection 1
This is the official story collection for Squadies! There are more but this is only the 1st collection!
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Little Mix - Wings
I just listened to Wings by Little Mix and decided to post the lyrics! Pretend the picture is reading to you!
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The adventures of Super Cookie
I decided to make a comic-like story featuring Super Cookie, a superhero I came up with against the evil Yuck!
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Funny Conversations 3
This is funnier than ever with Hope, Chloe, and Paige! Why is Hope spying? Who is this new girl? Who will win the geek off? Find out in the story!
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Funny Conversations 2
This is the second story of my new series Funny Conversations! It's still funny and Hope, Chloe, and Paige are funnier than ever before in this one!
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Funny Conversations
This is about Paige, Chloe, and Hope. It is so funny you'll love it! .
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Anti-Bullying Campaign
Here are some things to STOP bullying once and for all! I just hope it works. :)
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A little poem
This is just a little love poem I made for Ariana Grande. Hope you guys like it.
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