How to rule the universe

How to rule the universe

In this story I use my tips on how to rule the universe, or should I say Brendanverse? The words in () are an example of mine. There is no particular order to do them in.

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How to rule the universe- tips

How to rule the universe- tips

1. Create your own element. (Brendanite)
2. Make a realistic drivers license. (name: Brendan age: 20 drives: anything expiration: never)
3. Invent your own dinosaur. (Brendansaurus)
4. Dominate over your siblings. (13-0 undefeated wrestling streak and EWF Ultimate World Champion)
5. Make profiles of friends and family. (I write mine in a profile notebook)
6. see 5. Use weaknesses to get stuff.
7. see 5. Avoid going against strengths.
8. see 5. Make a profile of yourself, too. (Compare with others to have good strategy)
9. Learn about marketing and create your own company. (Brendan's Objects of Awesomeness)
10. Form a group with your friends. (Tri-Squad)
11. Make a superhero name. (Super Arianator)
12. Find your lucky number. (13)
13. see 12. Locate items in your home with that number on them and stay near those items.
14. Make a nice, cute name for your followers. (Little Dinos)
15. Create your own Warriors Clan. (DarkClan)
16. see 15. Find out which positions are best for who.
17. Have a secret spot to hide your stuff.
18. see 4. Buy the Bro-jitsu book.
19. Have a "locked" drawer that your parents know about, but cannot get into.
20. see 19. Your "locked" drawer should have some security system that YOU set up.
21. see 19. The best drawer would be one with a secret drawer in it for really secret stuff.
22. Make petitions at school that all students get 10 extra minutes at recess.
23. Peanut butter cookies boost awesomeness so eat at least 5 a week. (3 a day is the best limit)
24. Come up with your own autograph and sell it for 50 cents each. (make a easy quick one that can be copied over and over again for maximum effect)
25. Do stuff like the following: I am thinking of a number 1 to 20. If you guess correctly then I pay you $25. If you guess incorrectly then you pay me $20. (even if they get it right say they were wrong and try it on as many different people as possible)
26. Buy the Rule the world: 119 shortcuts to world domination book.
27. Be awesome.
28. If you are called on and don't know the answer, don't embarrass yourself! Say that you are currently out of order! It likely will make kids laugh and you get out of doing the question!
29. Focus.
30. Have fun!
31. Have a good catchphrase. (Put up or shut up!)
32. When your mom/dad's credit card is expired, use it for hings that require credit card number, but are free.
33. Have multiple e-mails.
34. Make the both simple and hard password.
35. Don't cuss. Make your points clear without cussing to appeal to all audiences.
36. Start a chain mail. If it doesn't catch on, start another.
37. Be creative.
38. Make up cool creatures. (sparkly purple winged peppermint turtle)
39. Make a cool fort and hideout.
40. If you don't have a good nickname, check out the Nickname Generator page!
41. Get 100 followers!
42. Complete a survey and publish it online.
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