Funny Conversations 2

Funny Conversations 2

This is the second story of my new series Funny Conversations! It's still funny and Hope, Chloe, and Paige are funnier than ever before in this one!

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Chapter 1.

Hope's POV

I sneaked downstairs at about 6:00 a.m. as soon as I heard "Jason's" voice. His smile. His eyes. His face. All so perfect....why is it all so wonderfully perfect? I ignored the groans from the girls and ran downstairs. I walked into the kitchen where Jake was and smiled when he looked at me. "Your up early..." he mumbled putting up some batteries. "Um yeah because...I got woken up from the annoying video playing" I replied tilting my head to the side. He nodded looking guilty. Hey if you wake me up I WILL point you out okay? SOME GIRLS NEED THERE BEAUTY SLEEP AND THAT'S MOI. "Need your beauty sleep eh?" He asked me smiling. "HEY! It's hard being THIS perfect!" I pointed out turning around looking at him. "Whatever." He laughed poking me. "DO NOT WHATEVER MEH I WILL SHOW CHU CRAZAY" I yelled laughing back. Hey, you want crazy I'll show chu crazy. Literally. "Yep I'm pretty sure you could show me crazy, which creeps me out..." he pointed sitting on the counter nodding. "Believe me. MAI MILKSHAKES BRINGS ALL DA BOYS TO DA YARD!" I sung walking back up the stairs. "Oh and Jason?" I asked him smiling. "Yeah?" He asked still laughing at me. "Call me maybe?" I said making the telephone sign up to my ear. "Yeah...sure thing." He replied winking at me. I nodded and rushed up back in Cloe's room. I hopped back onto my mattress and went to sleep with a big smile on my face. IT WAS BIGGER THAN ANYONE ELSE'S SMILE! *Hope's Dream* I opened my eyes. I was in a castle and mai hair? 60 feet long. "Hopey, let me brush your hair!" A witch cackled ushering me to come over to her. "Honey. Have you lost yo mind? You betta get ta stepping because my hair is property of Hope. Don't try me I will call 911 on yo butt. You know what that is?" I yelled at her flipping my hair. She cackled and pointed at my hair. "It's hard to believe you came from Paris because you show no love." The witch spoke looking at me. "Girl, you won't reach the phone. You going to be dialing 9110 when I'm done with you" the witch added lunging at me. I wacked her upside the head with a broom laughing almost just like her. O.e "Um yep. Part Italian and French." I yelled at her smiling. I threw a bucket of water on her just as she started to melt. "I'm melting, I'm meeeeelting." She yelled disolving into a puddle. "That's the Hope way, girly!" I yelled mopping up the puddle she left. "Hope! I am...*gasp for breath* I am here! Fiiiinnaaally!" Jason yelled out of breath. "Oh. Very sweet of you. But your late." I told him dropping the remains of the witch out the window. "I can never be romantic can I?" Jason asked collapsing in a chair. "Eh. Romance is overrated. Let's just get a pizza." I responded pressing the elevator button. "Their was an elevator?!" He screamed running in it with me. "Yeah. Prince Charming just take your mind off it." I told him pressing the ↓ button. "So were still on for pizza?" He asked happily. "Yes you idiot yes." I smiled happily.
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on December 18, 2013