Funny Conversations

Funny Conversations

This is about Paige, Chloe, and Hope. It is so funny you'll love it! .

published on December 18, 201344 reads 15 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.

Hope's POV

Hellur! I'm Hope Esmee and your watching Disney Channel! Okaii you aren't watching Disney Channel just to make this clear, your watching a crazy 16 year old girl singing into a toothbrush in front of her mirror. I'm Hope known as the weirdest chick in school but in my defense it's hard being this weird..ANYWAYS...I'm a Sophomore that goes to the worst school ever "The Hardship Academy" breaking girls dreams since 1922. In my defense my mom picked this school to RUIN MY LIFE!! Anyways my morning routine? WAS BRUSH YOUR TEETH. WASH YOUR FACE. FIX DA HAIR. AND KISS DA POSTER OF ZAYN MALIK HUNGED UP IN MY ROOM. I ran downstairs as soon as I was done with my routine and looked at my big sister Lyla. "Can you run down to your little friends house rug rat, I'm inviting Nilah over so beat it!" She screamed at me as I sat down. "Ugh pain in the butt" I murmured walking out the door quietly.
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