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Red Winter
(I caved and decided to make a full story kinda deal with my horror universe just to quit my spam and such *yawn* im also very bored and wanna improve.) Ugh some things may not make any sense but you know... (Ill update it ever...
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Writer's block drabbles (Read Des.)
When i get writer's block i have a tendency to look up ideas for stories, I apologize but some of these stories may not be too family friendly (Ill mark them NSFW or Triggering) as my mind with some of these stories isn't gonn...
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Cold days
Sophia and her girlfriend, Ali have been together for several years now in a peaceful town, but the peace has been disrupted by a young man with a cold expression. Who is he and why is he here? Wait is he planning something? (H...
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Void Rescuing
I may have made a mistake I shouldn't have left them behind they still play a large part in my game than they prove to be but they are the missing the broken and just forgotten girls who need to be brought back. - Strange Morga...
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Broken Promise
Pretty much a school project that I was told to do over the summer, it's short, terrible but it's sweet
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