Bread bank script but i changed the characters

Bread bank script but i changed the characters

tbh i wanted to do this because i was bored and the vid is even funnier if you ask me so ehm yeah TwT Not my own but i just switched in my characters

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<Cue bell door ringing and someone coming inside the Bread Store>
Alex: Welcome to the bread bank, We sell bread we sell loaves, we have bread on deck, bread on the flo T O A S T E D R O A S T E D
Alex: *qwq*
Nightmare: Listen i just need a baguette and a brioche
Alex: We dont have any of those you can have the gluten free white bread the potato bread-
Nightmare: WTF is Gluten?? Take that shit out!!
Alex: It gluten free :'(
Nightmare: I dont CARE if ITS FREE
Alex: SWEAR ON YOUR F*CKING YEEZYS! If you wanna fight we gonna fight
Nightmare: You tryna be on WORLDSTAR??
Alex: WHAT you gon record it?
Nightmare: ye i got my dollar store camera ON
<enter Sparky>
Sparky: Whats the f*cking situaaaatoin?
Nightmare: What. The. F*ck. Do. You. Want?
Sparky: Im the mother f*cking M A N A G E R
Nightmare: At the bread store??
Sparky: B R E A D
Nightmare: Tell her to take the motherf*cking GLUTEN out of the BREAD
Sparky: Imma have need you to shut the BULLSHIT up chief. We cant take shit outta the bread
Sparky: We got crackers no gluten
Nightmare: F*ck crackers
Alex: It's gluten free, you want the gluten or nah?
Nightmare: Hell no youbettertaketheglutenouttathatdamnshit
Sparky: Look we have Whole wheat - gluten free, texas toast - gluten free, TORTILLA
Nightmare: f*ck all that What. Bitchass country are yall from? where they got all this bullshit at??
Sparky: London.
Nightmare: I knew it
Alex: Look you can either take this YEAST. Or Im calling THE POLICE.
Sparky: Nah dont call the police i got a warrant
Nightmare: HONESTLY f*ck ya'll I aint never seen nobody act like this over no bread
Sparky: What. The. F*ck. Are you saying?
Nightmare: All im saying is : F*ck yalls bread, F*CK THE GLUTEN, AND F U C K THEM C R A C K E R S
Alex: ...The crackers dont have gluten
Nightmare: Oh Ill take those *takes their damn crackers*
Alex: Okay ^^ thats gonna be fi-
Nightmare: NAH F*CK THAT! I aint paying!
<Nightmare leaves slamming the door behind him while Sparky and Alex stare at him>
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