Void Rescuing

Void Rescuing

I may have made a mistake I shouldn't have left them behind they still play a large part in my game than they prove to be but they are the missing the broken and just forgotten girls who need to be brought back. - Strange Morgan Many mistakes have been made by a creator once known by a girl once known as Becky but now goes by Sam. She has been kinda forced to rescue someone she didnt want to save but realized This is broken and wrong. (Images are placeholders)

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Chapter 1.
Rescuing the Angel in purple (My POV)

Rescuing the Angel in purple (My POV)

Okay I have made lost of mistakes in my life. And probably letting go of this girl was my worst mistakes. Mainly because her role is much bigger than to just stand around. I wont give it away for my future ideas. But I can say she is more than just a pretty face. What was her name again? Veil? No sounds too awkward.. Oh I know! Her name was Violet Hope, a character who was true to her name, Her hair was violet but her story seems fuzzy.. I know shes somewhere but where a girl in all white approached me. A thin lass with fire in her blue eyes once she got close enough she slapped me. "You promised you'd let her stay!" She practically yelled in my ear. I rubbed my stinging cheek. "I know, I know..." I said softly. "Well?? Are you bringing Violet back or what?!" she shouted at me in a hot temper. I gave her a look, this is Sam. I guess you could say me and her don't get along well but I did kill her several times. But that's another story.
I shook my head and got punched in the nose. "You idiot everyone wants to know where she is! Even Alex is scared," She grumbles. "She was forgotten I cant do anything" I said with a hand over my nose which was now a bloody mess. "Can't do anything my ass!" She shouted and grabbed me by the collar of my shirt. "I actually hate you Becky!" she spat at me. Oh please its not like i couldn't prevent this, once people and wishes are forgotten there's no bringing them back. "Sam... She's probably already dead..." I said putting my palms up. "I cant do anything," This probably made her even more upset because she threw me down. "Whatever," She said. "Ill just tell everyone a white lie like all the others..." She spun on her heel. "I hope you know I don't actually appreciate all these lies I'm telling Becky. Figure something out or we'll drive you insane, I know Alex would like putting a couple bullets in your head," She then walked off most likely to tell the others what i have let happened.  
I got up and brushed myself off. I would then and there decide to travel to the place I last wanted to go. The void.
That night i couldn't sleep I just thought of Sam and how pissed she was. She actually hit me. "Fine Sam, you win. You freaking win". I thought as I got up and turned on my light. I then slammed a bag on my bed and put my sketch pad, Several pens and pencils and an iced mocha. A door of black appeared in front of the only exit. I slung that bag over my shoulder and put my hand on the cold handle and opened the door. Nothing but black awaited me. I sighed and stepped through, no floor met my shoe so I fell in. I screamed all the way down until I hovered right above the floor. I grumbled and put a foot on the ground, I stomped on it to make sure it was solid. After realizing it was solid I started to walk. The blackness turned to dark blue and then dark purple. I sighed and looked around. I saw nothing but a girl with blonde hair ran up to me and gave me a toothless grin. "Hi!" She exclaimed. "Uh h-hello?" I replied. "Who are you?" She giggled like a child. "My name is Becky! And i wanna be an astronaut when i grow up!" I gasped as i felt my heart stop. I looked at her face, round and young but her sclera was black and she had cracks all over her face. Some voices called off in the distance. A memory of a peaceful day. "Sorry gotta go!" she laughed. "Ill see you later!" and then she ran off, little dust footprints followed her as she disappeared.  So this was the void a place where everyone slowly died until actually being forgotten. This place was harsh. I then realized I cast Alex here once, the old Alex. My throat felt tight, did i really do this to all of them? I sighed and kept walking until I came across a girl with dark purple hair and ears of a fox. Her once white dress was grey and in tatters. I frowned as I walked closer. Her once beautiful face was lined with cracks and black liquid lined her eyes. I sighed and picked her up. "Im taking you back" I said. She opened her eyes, once jade but they faded to a nasy mucus colored. "Ill fix you Violet, Your cracks your body, and your story. You dont deserve to have an ending like this, and besides your role is bigger than this" She might have smiled but her mouth was so cracked i could hardly tell. "Did you say that to Alex?" she whispered before closing her eyes. I paused and started walking. "Yes and i kept my promise. I swear Ill fix this, Ill bring back the Sun and the Clouds and even the forgotten robots Ill make this right" I promised. "Ill start writing again Ill restore this broken world"
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