The Airship (An Among Us story)

I said I would do a story based on the game Among Us so here we have it. You get the gist of the game, some imposters kill innocents and innocents try to prove their innocence. Easy peasy but It gave me a good idea for a story. Hope you guys enjoy!

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The Airship (An Among Us story)
Chapter 1.
(Part 1: Skeld) The first death

(Part 1: Skeld) The first death

I walked through storage, as I have done time and time again. But something felt off in the cold, grey storage area. It was quiet…. A little too quiet. I quickened my pace and got out of that room quickly and stepped into Admin where I saw my dear friend and partner, Niko, furiously trying to swipe his card. I chuckled a little bit to myself and walked over to him. “Calm yourself, sweetie,” I said, taking his hand with the card and gently swiped it through the card reader. He laughed softly to himself. “Thanks, sweets,” He said, embracing me gently. I kindly returned the warm embrace with a small smile. I sighed softly as we released each other and stared into each other’s eyes. How I longed to kiss his soft, warm lips again. But we had to keep these helmets on. “Y-you’re welcome Nick…” I said, entranced. I am not gonna lie we probably looked like a couple of idiots, standing in admin, staring at each other. It looked almost like the perfect suspicion. And then the moment was broken, as I heard someone clear their throat. I turned to see someone in a cyan suit, with their arms crossed. “You two done yet?” he asked. I blushed bright red as did my partner. “Sorry!” Niko and I said in unison, looking to a different part of the room. The person in the cyan suit shook his head. “Just get your tasks done White and Black, so we can head back to headquarters.” I saluted, though I didn’t know why but I said. “Y-yes, sir!” After cyan left, I looked to Niko nervously. “Can you…. Can you follow me around?” I asked him, touching the tips of my pointer fingers softly. “Of course I can!” He told me with a smile. At that moment I thought I was gonna cry. “Thanks, Nick,” I said softly, embracing him tightly, eyes burning with tears. He laughed at me and wrapped his arms around me. “Anytime Bean..” I released him after a few seconds and grabbed his hand. “Let’s get going quickly before Cyan comes back.” Niko chuckled. “Okay then sweets, let’s get going then.” And with that, he and I left the admin and headed towards O2 through the Cafe. There we saw Blue fidgetting with the wires, he had to stare at the matching symbols due to his colorblindness but finished just fine. Once we got to O2 we were greeted with a gruesome sight. Purple was laying on the ground, the glass of her helmet was cracked on the ground, her upper half was completely missing and the crimson liquid was pouring all over the white floor of Oxygen. My vision then went fuzzy, my stomach tingled with nausea, quickly I took out my Ipad and pressed the emergency meeting button before everything faded to black.
When I came to I noticed one of three things, I wasn’t in the hall by O2 anymore. I sat up quickly only for my head to get fuzzy and I slowly lowered my head onto the cot again. After my vision adjusted to the bright lighting, I realized I was in Medbay. How did I get here? I wondered to myself and then suddenly it all came back to me. The blood, purple’s lower half laying on the floor. I felt nauseated once again with the image burned into my mind. I made a small noise of disgust mixed with some fear. My mind was moving a million miles a minute. “Oh. Hey Dave, your actually awake,” I heard a voice say. I flipped to my other side to see Red, a young man about my height. “Oh hey Furry,” I said my voice hoarse. “I see you finally came to,” He said, pulling up a chair beside me. I nodded a little bit. “Most of it was probably shock,” I muttered under my breath. “Yeah, I bet…” He said, though his helmet prevented me from seeing his face, I could tell he was really anxious if not a little scared. But I couldn’t really blame him, it had been the first time anyone has been killed on this ship. I myself was pretty scared. “Did we already have the meeting?” I asked. Furry nodded in response. “Yeah… but the other’s are a little suspicious of you. They think you faked it, Black, and I tried to defend you but to no avail.” I sat up quickly. “What?! Did they vote me off for the airlock?!” I exclaimed my voice shaking. “No, no. They skipped... But do you have any tasks we could see you do?” I smiled a little bit. “Yeah… I have to empty the chute in O2 that’s why Nick and I  went that way…” “Then let’s go, Dave! Prove your innocence, I’ll grab the others.” Furry grinned, got up, and ran out of Medbay to probably get Cyan (Who's been proven innocent with a scan) and some others. I got up off the bed, my legs felt weak but I could manage. Niko greeted me at the doorway of Medbay. I smiled a little bit. “Hey, let's go to O2… I have some work to do.”
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