Broken Promise

Broken Promise

Pretty much a school project that I was told to do over the summer, it's short, terrible but it's sweet

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I sighed in the dark room, my sister lay beside me snoring softly. I slowly slide out of bed and tread lightly on the ground, careful not to wake her. As I crept out the bedroom door I heard her move so I stopped, hoping she didn't wake. Much to my delight she muttered something about someone I didn't know so I proceeded to shut the door and go down the stairs. I crept out onto the front porch and sat on the bench swing, the chains creaked as I sat. The pale moonlight made my hands look even paler, almost ghost-like. It reminded me of the amount of time I had left. I just turned 22 and I'm already close to death, but I promised my sister, Lilliana, I'd make it to thirty. Sadly, it wasn't a promise I could keep. I glanced beside me and saw a boy about my age, dressed in all black, face as pale as the full moon. He looked at me and smiled a sad smile. "I'm sorry you can't keep your promise to her.." I shook my head. "Don't be… it's just your job, you can't control whose time is when" the boy chuckled. "True but it still saddens me that you have to leave your sister like this, it's not your fault but she won't understand… she's only 16 her time isn't anywhere near." I smiled. "Will you watch over Lilliana?" The boy frowned. "I take lives though, why would you ask me to do that?" I just smile. "I trust you will treat her kindly.." I scooted over and rest my head on his shoulder. "But since you're here I want you to know… I'm ready to go whenever you are" He wrapped an arm around my small waist. "This might hurt a little Samantha," He said holding up a sythe that glowed in the pale moon light. I merely closed my eyes and sighed. "I can take it, I have survived worse you know" I felt a cool hand on my cheek before the searing pain in my neck. Breathing became harder and harder but I smiled. This was my destiny. "I'm sorry Lilliana, but this is my time" And those were my last thoughts before I was hoisted into the sky, greeted by my Mom. As beautiful as ever, she embraced me. "I know it was hard Sam, but she'll understand… one-day" She said in my ear as I feel into a nice deep rest.
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It's bad but I made it when I had the modivatoin for it lol
on August 23