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If I'm louder, would you see me?
This story is kind of based on my life, but I totally change a lot of the details, so that it doesn't get too personal... xD Yeh, that sounds weird, but let me tell you about the story: It is about a girl called Nia who is crus...
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My Thoughts To The Haters And Bullies Of The World.
These are my thoughts to the haters and bullies of the world. I wrote this poem today and it might not be a really great poem but this is my honest thoughts and I want to put an end to bullying and hating. I want this poem to m...
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How about Nialldo's? ~ A Niall Horan and 1D Fan-fic ~
I'm just obsessed with Niall from 1D, I'm not exactly a fan girl or anything, but I just like Niall and his personality, his accent and so I decided to write a fan-fiction. Sorry if this is a bit stupid, but I just felt like wr...
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~ Keara and Kipper the two huskies ~ (Diary entries)
Keara is my precious little husky and Kipper is her brother, and Kipper is my brother's husky. They are a special pair of huskies and this story is diary entries by Keara and Kipper, every day. I'll add it every day in the holi...
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Weird but true facts!
Wanna know some weird but true facts, like: Some wildflowers smell like chocolate or weird facts about vending machines? Well then, better check this story out! I will be posting weird and random facts whenever I can, so please...
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Keyboard art- as easy as 1,2,3, you can do it too!
Do you want to make some keyboard art? Do you need help with it? This story/instructions will teach you how to make keyboard art. I will take ideas for keyboard art. From a-z, you'll be a keyboard art genius in no time! I will ...
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Beauty784's Fact File!
Recently I've realised that you guys don't know me so well, I'm just a stranger on Qfeast. So.. I want you guys to get to know me better, that's why I'm writing this! And BTW, a great idea that some of you have done, I might ma...
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The Adventures of Nelly Rolph- secret spy.
Nelly Rolph isn't just an ordinary girl.. she's a top-secret spy agent, working for TSEAF (The Secret Elite Agent Force). She travels all over the world with her partner, Sophie Gibbs... stopping their arch enemy.. BLOCK and th...
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Something funny that someone said on the telly last night... :D
Last night I was watching this show on the telly called Kwela Funnies (where they take funny videos that people sent in and put in on the show). There was funny bits, but read the bit where the host said something- HILARIOUS! ;...
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Some quotes for you to laugh at and enjoy...
I have some quotes and I first posted them on my wall. I'm collecting them on this story. I will be adding some every now and then because I really enjoy reading them and re-posting them and sharing them with some friends. :) T...
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Dear Diary,
Here, let me give you a sneak peek. 'Dear Diary, Today was a great day! I got A+ on my English assignment and Amelia and I played together in break time. My life feels so perfect!' Or so she thought...
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Ami and Rose
(Please don't think I'm babyish! I had to write a fairy-tale for school! LOL) This story is about two fairies named Ami and Rose. They go on a adventure... Will they save their village?
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