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Any good ideas for a story... like for a book?
Hi guys, hope you are having a wonderful weekend, I want to ask you guys if you maybe have good ideas for a story I could write, fiction, and for the ages 12-18. I want to enter a contest that is going on here in South Africa- ...
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How do you know if a guy likes you?
See, there is this SUPER CUTE guy at my school.. but he's the "shy" type if you know what I mean. Lately I've been thinking about him alot, but I can't find the answer if he likes me or not. To help the theory: - We danced tog...
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Ideas for a Science project?
I'm doing this Science-type of competition and I only have about 12 ideas. (All from the Internet, so I hope it's not too common!) I want to know if you guys have any ideas, some projects that you may know of, but not a project...
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Do you enter your details, press enter and you can't register?
Like on virtual worlds such as Gaia online, Tumblr and more? You just entered everything and then suddenly it says: Sorry, we are unable to register you at the moment. Does it happen to you? Is there a solution? :P I'm so annoy...
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Who has heard about Amanda Todd?
I heard about her today, a teenager who committed suicide. It's really sad. :'( She did it because she was bullied and all. :( It's really tragic, but I wanna know if anyone has heard about her or saw her one video when she exp...
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Are you like this? Please read below.
See, ever since we moved back to South Africa, I'm shy again. The reason for that is that I had a crazy friend and we would always go around in break time and laugh out loud and all but now I'm gone... in another country. I'm a...
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Entrepreneurs Day Help Needed!
See at the end of every term here at my school, we have an entrepreners day. This term it's not my go- it's my sister's turn. It's in about 11 days and we have no idea what to sell... it could be anything but it needs to be uni...
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Do English Bulldogs and Siberian Huskies get along?
Like, if you buy/adopt both of them as puppies? Because I want a Siberian Husky and my little brother wants a English bulldog but we're not sure if they would get along? My mum isn't crazy about two dog breeds in one house thou...
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Am I like the only who hasn't read Harry Potter and/or The Hunger Games???
It feels like it... The reason I haven't read Harry Potter: My mum isn't so crazy about it. The reason I haven't read The Hunger Games: I'm not allowed to. Is there anyone who hasn't read them yet??
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Who was your first follower?
My first follower was roxrox. You can see who was your first follower by going down your 'Followers' list. The person at the bottom is your first follower.
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What's YOUR BIGGEST wish?
Everybody has a wish, something that they have been wishing their whole life! What's your biggest wish?
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Do you guys think that 10 questions on a quiz is enough?
Because I have been making a quiz and I wanna publish it but I don't know if it's ready. It only has 10 questions and I feel that it's not enough.. I wanna make the quiz my best one yet... Please help within a few hours!! Thanks.
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Is this a good piece of art?
I spent quite a while on it and I got some positive feedback but I'm bringing this into Questions so that more people can see it. I drew McNulty, a Puppy from moshi monsters (I'm beauty784) I focused on it for a while, made a ...
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