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Eddsworld Shamchats
I got on shamchat, and here are some of the convos I've been I hope you guys enjoy! Eddsworld and Shamchat do NOT belong to me. At All.
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The Dress
So yeah this was a story I wrote for ELA. It's about these two ladies who got married and junk
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SummonTale (my Undertale AU)
Well, here it goes! This weird adventure! Oh yeah, these characters WON'T at all be the same as the original! :3
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Mirror, Mirror
Um, hey. I wrote a Twilight Princess fanfiction. It's a sequel to the actual game. Enjoy.
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Chara's Story (WIP) [TW]
Backstory on the evil red eyed demon child :V EDIT: Putting a trigger warning on this: Mentions of child abuse and suicide] Cover image made by the wickedly talented TsukiGhessoku
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This is an UnderTale AU I made up where Mount Ebott doesn't exist, and all the UnderTale characters are imagined by Frisk.
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Capability zodiac signs~love comparative
People wonder what will happen if you bring to of different zodiac signs together which seem both odd and rare. So here are a few compares of what signs seems rare enough to come together.
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