Eddsworld Shamchats

I got on shamchat, and here are some of the convos I've been in...so I hope you guys enjoy! Eddsworld and Shamchat do NOT belong to me. At All.

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Eddsworld Shamchats
Chapter 1.

Tord is drowning

This is a conversation between Tom {EW~bi) and Tord (texting/calling you.).
Tord (texting/calling you.): (Hi.))
Tom {EW~bi): Henlo))
Tord (texting/calling you.): Do you want to start or want me to start?))
Tom {EW~bi): you please))
Tord (texting/calling you.): Okay :). ))
Tord (texting/calling you.): Your phone rings in the middle of the night, the contact name is Tord.
Tom {EW~bi): Tom looks at his phone. "ugh, Tord..." He answers it.
Tord (texting/calling you.): A frantic and sobbing Tord starts to yell at you. "TOM PLEASE HELP ME IN THE WATER WITH MY CAR AND THE WINDOW IS CRACKING AND I CAN'T SWIM!@"
Tord (texting/calling you.): *!!"
Tom {EW~bi): "Okay okay calm down...where are you?"
Tord (texting/calling you.): "I DON'T KNOW SOME CAR HIT ME AND MY CAR SWERVED OFF THE BRIDGE AND I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!" He starts to sob harder.
Tom {EW~bi): "I dont know how to help if I dont know where you are!"
Tord (texting/calling you.): He just starts to make distressed crying noises, but it sounds like he's saying something along the lines of " I don't want to die."
Tom {EW~bi): "Calm down Tord, You'll be fine." He attempts to calm him down.
Tord (texting/calling you.): "No I won't because I cant-..." He goes quiet for a moment.
Tom {EW~bi): "....Tord?"
Tord (texting/calling you.): "...THE WINDOW IN THE BACK IS CRACKING MORE AND WATER IS COMING IN!!" He starts to really panic and hyperventilate.
Tom {EW~bi): "Im sure that you'll be fine just....make sure that when the water does come in try to stay above water and I'll see if I can find you." He tries to stay calm.
Tord (texting/calling you.): "O-okay...u-uhm..where are you?"
Tom {EW~bi): "I'm leaving the house now, just try to stay calm."
Tord (texting/calling you.): You can hear Tord trying to even out his breathing on the other end.
Tom {EW~bi): He sighs and whispers a 'good' underneath his breath.Tord (texting/calling you.): "...This really big fish just hit the side of my car and dented it..."
Tom {EW~bi): "Oh..."
Tord (texting/calling you.): You hear him curse at the fish. "IT KEEPS HITTING THE SIDE OF MY CAR AND ITS BREAKING THE WINDO-....-ITS A-...-DIE!!!!!" His phone is breaking up, but from what you can tell he's crying again.
Tom {EW~bi): "Tord? are you okay." Tom begins to panic a little
Tord (texting/calling you.): "THE WATER IS COMING INSIDE!!" He screams.
Tom {EW~bi): "Just remember what I told you! Try to stay above water."
Tord (texting/calling you.): "THE-...- IS TRYING TO GET INSIDE!!" He starts to cough.
Tom {EW~bi): "oh geez...." he begins to pick up the pace.
Tord (texting/calling you.): "ITS UP TO MY NECK AND I CAN'T TAKE OFF MY SEATBELT!!" Tord let's out a pained sob.
Tom {EW~bi): Tom makes his way over to a bridge. "Calm down Im on a bridge.....just try harder."
Tord (texting/calling you.): "I CANT-" He starts choking on water.
Tom {EW~bi): "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!" he starts to cry softly.
Tord (texting/calling you.): You can see a fin in the water. Is that a- holy fucvk that's a shark.
Tom {EW~bi): "SHIT!" Tom panics and without thinking he rolls off the bridge and into the water.
Tord (texting/calling you.): It's circling around a certain spot in the water, maybe that's where Tord fell.
Tord (texting/calling you.): You can see some type of light, there's two of them pointing upwards. Tords car!
Tom {EW~bi): Tom takes a deep breath of air and swims towards it.
Tord (texting/calling you.): Another shark is trying to jam into the sides of Tord's car, he is unconscious.
Tord (texting/calling you.): *Tord is unconscious,not the shark sorry.))
Tom {EW~bi): He makes his way through the window and attempts to unbuckle his seat belt
Tom {EW~bi): its alright))
Tord (texting/calling you.): The stubborn seatbelt won't budge. But, in the backseat is a pocket knife. Tord probably couldn t reach it..
Tom {EW~bi): He grabs the pocket knife, swims back to Tord and begins to cut the seatbelt
Tord (texting/calling you.): The shark on the side of the car breaks off on of the doors.
Tord (texting/calling you.): *one.
Tom {EW~bi): Tom finally gets the seat belt cut off and he grabs Tord.
Tord (texting/calling you.): Tords limp body is easy to lift up.
Tom {EW~bi): Tom begins to swims up to the surface but he starts to run out of air.
Tord (texting/calling you.): Tord scared screams echoes in your mind, as if it was him talking. "I don't want to die." Over and over and over.
Tom {EW~bi): He finally makes it to the surface. He gasps for air, and swims towards the water's edge.
Tord (texting/calling you.): Tord hasn't moved at all since you've gotten into the water, and his pulse isn't moving.
Tom {EW~bi): "Don't die on me..." he mumbles. he was finally on land he set Tord down and he knelt next to him.
Tord (texting/calling you.): Tord wouldn't move.
Tom {EW~bi): He shakes Tord. "come on...! wake up!"
Tord (texting/calling you.): Tord gives no response.
Tom {EW~bi): He pushes on his chest trying to get any water out of his lungs.
Tord (texting/calling you.): No response still.
Tord (texting/calling you.): On the bridge, you see police and medical staff surrounding were Tord's car must've fell.
Tom {EW~bi): He gets off of Tord and stands up. Tom ran over to them to see if they could save Tord.
Tord (texting/calling you.): The medical staff try doing CPR but it won't work. "Sir, we're sorry but he passed away." One of them say. In the back two other medical staff are putting Tord on a gurney.
Tord (texting/calling you.): * Gurnee
Tord (texting/calling you.): Idk how to spell it sorry.))
Tom {EW~bi): "No...!" he sobbed. "bring him back...please...!" He gripped the medical staff's shirt collar.
Tom {EW~bi): neither do I))
Tord (texting/calling you.): But wait- Tord sat up from the gurnee and starts to vomit.
Tom {EW~bi): He didnt notice Tord. "I need him...don't want him to die on me...!" he continued to sob.
Tord (texting/calling you.): One of the medical staffs scream. The other one smiled. "He's alive!!" He yells at everyone.
Tom {EW~bi): He looked over at Tord. "Tord!!!"
Tord (texting/calling you.): Tord was zoned out, but was pulled back into reality by the sound of his name. "Tom??" He asked quietly.
Tom {EW~bi): He rushed to Tord and hugged him, still sobbing.
Tord (texting/calling you.): Tord smiled, hugging him back and crying softly. "Thank you..." He whispered quietly so just the two of them could hear
Tord (texting/calling you.): .
Tom {EW~bi): "Never scare me like that again." he whispered as he breathed heavily.
Tord (texting/calling you.): Tord nodded.
Tord (texting/calling you.): Was that the end??
Tom {EW~bi): I dont know?))
Tord (texting/calling you.): I have another scenario too but I have a quick question what are you height headcanons on Edd, Matt,Tom and Tord??))
Tord (texting/calling you.): *your.))
Tom {EW~bi): I dont have any really, but maybe we can continue with this one....somehow...cuz I have to leave soon))
Tord (texting/calling you.): Okay.))
Tord (texting/calling you.): Tord gets in the back of Toms car.
Tom {EW~bi): Tom started the car and drove home.
Tord (texting/calling you.): "Thank you..uhm..again for saving me." Tord laughed sheepishly.
Tom {EW~bi): "No problem...Im just glad you're ok." he smiled to himself.
Tord (texting/calling you.): "Yeah..heh..but-" He looks over at Tom, then looks back in his lap. "Nevermind.."
Tom {EW~bi): "no, what is it?" he asked glancing at Tord.
Tord (texting/calling you.): "Why did you-...why would you..Nothing, its-hah- It's stupid I don't wanna burden you with more problems."
Tom {EW~bi): "Just ask...its fine"
Tord (texting/calling you.): "Why would you save someone like me?? I mean, I'm just so....awkward and I'm rude and you guys hate to be around me."
Tom {EW~bi): "I mean sure sometimes...but you're our friend, I- we still love you I couldn't just let you die."
Tord (texting/calling you.): "You should've let me die. I've got nothing to offer to this world. Nobody even called the police when I fell of the bridge, but when you jumped in the water someone must've called for you. I bet if I died nobody would even notice I'm gone. I'm nothing but a barrel of problems you guys just drag along everywhere out of pity.." He cries.
Tom {EW~bi): "No you're not! Don't think like that. We like having you around us I'm sure." He tried to comfort him.
Tord (texting/calling you.): "You're just saying that when in reality you guys ignore me, just.. nevermind this is stupid." He wipes his tears away with frustration.
Tom {EW~bi): Tom sighed as he pulled into the driveway and got out of the car.
Tom {EW~bi): sorry I got to go. ily sorry bye!!))
Tord (texting/calling you.): )bye!!))
Tord (texting/calling you.) has left the conversation.
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