SummonTale (my Undertale AU)

SummonTale (my Undertale AU)

Well, here it goes! This weird adventure! Oh yeah, these characters WON'T at all be the same as the original! :3

published on August 30, 201641 reads 19 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.
The girl who was summoned..

The girl who was summoned..

You rub your head, remembering you fell down that large cliff... You shake your head, and run the dust off your dark purple shirt. You looked at your knee, and saw a rock stuck into your knee. You slowly picked it out, painfully and gaged.
You began to walk, limping. Your knee hurts badly. And you needed somebody to help you. You frowned more. You saw a flower softly smiling, not noticing your appearance in the hall in front of him.
He was looking down. "Just smile... Just smile...." He began to whisper to himself.
You said "hey.." And waved.
The flower looked up at you, into the bright light. He smiled even bigger. "Oh! Howdy!" He said waving his leaf in the air.
You smiled and walked towards him. You stared, confusedly.. But surprised. He hissed, and tried to defense himself. He threw pellets at you, while growling madly.
"DON'T TOUCH ME.." He demanded.
You frowned and begged for mercy. You looked side, to side. " me!" You cried out. But nobody came..
"Hey, Human! Catch this!! Hahaha!" He laughed evily, and it almost sounded like a demon.
You cried, softly. As the pellets pushed you to the ground, you notice they're bullets. You gasp and cry, leaning onto the floor, trying to save yourself.
A girl appeared in front of you, a sweater like yours, hair like yours, shorts like yours.. She lifted up her hand, and had long angel wings. You gasped.
"Save yourself.... Before you can't." You look confusedly.
"Hurry—" she disappeared.
"I WANTED YOU TO FINISH HER... UGHH, I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO MYSELF!" Fire lighted up in front of your eyes, and a long goat woman looked at you.
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I love it so far
Thank you.
on August 30, 2016
on August 30, 2016