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two masters? (sebastian love story)
This is a love story between meh OC ichigo (she's a demon in disguse) lol Sebastian is completely clueless XD poor him *gets hit by grell* (grell: don't mock my sebby!)
98 reads 32 readers 10 by xxtoocoolforschoolxx
the maid (kuroshitsuji and soul eater mix)
This is a love story between Sebastian and the new phantomhive maid blair (the sexy kitty from soul eater) well of course they are gonna get along! She's a mothafucking cat for heavans sake!
21 reads 16 readers 3 by xxtoocoolforschoolxx
the joys of being a father
This is a story about stein being a father lol poor him. XD yes I'm weird, and a little bit of a loser, but I'm a freaking good cook....
13 reads 7 readers 3 by xxtoocoolforschoolxx
prank calling
Lol this is just a short story about me and the soul eater cast prank calling some other characters, heads up some of the characters are from different anime shows (Maka almost got killed when she prank called asura so she won'...
32 reads 16 readers 2 by xxtoocoolforschoolxx