prank calling

prank calling

Lol this is just a short story about me and the soul eater cast prank calling some other characters, heads up some of the characters are from different anime shows (Maka almost got killed when she prank called asura so she won't be in this XD)

published on March 28, 201333 reads 17 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

prank calling spirit

Me: I call going first!
Crona: I d-don't g-get the p-point of t-this
me: I'm gonna call spirit!
Kid: maka would be happy
Me: *dials spirits phone number* umm.... hello papa? *fakes maka's voice*
Spirit: MAKA! Why have you called papa?
Me: I'm getting married
Spirit: WHAT?!
Me: I'm getting married to.. soul
Spirit: *silence* I'M GONNA KILL HIM!
soul: man I hate you
Me: *laughs* haha! You just got prank called!
Spirit: *sobs* you're so mean *hangs up*
Patty: haha! That was funny! *folds paper into giraffe*
Soul: *puts arm around me* like I would marry maka
Me: *giggles* this is an awesome party
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Comments (2)

on November 03, 2013
Okay I was wrong about the people being from different anime shows XD
on March 29, 2013