the joys of being a father

the joys of being a father

This is a story about stein being a father lol poor him. XD yes I'm weird, and a little bit of a loser, but I'm a freaking good cook....

published on April 02, 201313 reads 7 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.

the terrible truth

Stein's POVichigo's p

I was walking back to my lab when i saw a girl with a stitch oh her face. I just examined the stitch as she examined the screw in my head. I must have scared her with it by accident because she ran away "damn it" I thought as I continued my journey to my lab.

Ichigo's POV (the girls name)
That man I just saw, was that really him? Was that the guy I was looking for? I resemble him quite a bit, but I'm still not sure... I'll follow him anyway {TW=a few minutes later} "his lab has zig zag stitches? That's strange" I said to myself as I watched him walk in. Suddenly, someone jumped on me! "Eek!" I exclaimed "will you play with me?" The woman that jumped on me said "stein is too busy too play" she said while pouting "wait who are you?" I asked "I'm Blair! Meow!" She said"wait did you say that guys name is stein?" I questioned "yeah he's a mad scientist" she replied smiling "could you introduce me to him?" I asked hopefully "yeah sure" she replied while grabbing my arm and dragging me to the creepy building "stein-kun! " she called "I have someone here that you might want to meet!" She yelled

Stein's POV
I heard Blair yelling and walked up to her, she was standing beside that girl that I saw earlier "hey stein-kun!" She said "this girl here was looking for you!" She yelled pointing at the girl "hello" I said calmly "hi" the mysterious girl replied "father" she finished what she was saying, I stood there looking shocked "w-what did you call me?" I asked "father, you're my dad" she said looking quite bored "you must have me mistaken for someone else" I replied kinda confused "you're franken stein right?" She asked still looking bored " y-yes" I replied "then you're my dad, you left my mother with me" the boredness left her face and she now looked angry. I remembered her mothers face, that one night, it was an accident I was drunk I didn't mean for this too happen "well you didn't know the condom broke" the girl said looking at her nails. "How old are you?" I questioned "15" she replied "where's your mother?" "Dead" the look on her face when she said the word dead scared me

Ichigo's POV

"She wasn't good enough for you was she? You left her for someone else right?" I questioned him angrily  "what happened that night was an aciident! I was drunk and didn't know what i was doing!" He yelled at me "and now you're just gonna leave me, am I correct?" I said looking straight into his eyes.... I left him speechless
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Comments (3)

on November 10, 2013
I like it!
on November 03, 2013
Not done yet! But I thought I'd post it anyway there will be more chapters BTW so murder me with harsh words until I finish XD
on April 02, 2013