Witchcraft and Wizardry Textbook

Witchcraft and Wizardry Textbook

I got the idea for making this story from another Qfeaster (it won't let me say usernames) . So, anyway, this is a textbook that you must study so you can get a good grade on my upcoming test! Again, this was another Qfeaster's idea; I just took the idea for a textbook and put my own stuff into it! Oh, and also, I'm making most of this all up!

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Chapter 1.

Elements and Potions: Learning the Foundations of the Magical World

There are a number of elements. The four basic ones are Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. There are different spells/potions that you make if you mix the four core ones together. For example, if you mix Fire and Water, you get Steam. The Steam spell is kind of like a fog - it clouds the area around you with a gaseous vapor that blisters the skin of everyone who happens to be unfortunate enough to be standing near you at that time.
        The other potions are Smoke, Ice, Healing, and Poison. You create Smoke with Fire and Air. Smoke is a substance that will just be a smoke screen, blocking the vision of everyone around you long enough so that you can escape from whatever predicament you happen to be in. Ice is created by Water and Air. Ice can be used in the form of daggers, with which you impale your poor victim, and also the form of dry ice, which will act as a kind of laughing gas if you mix a bit of Poison in. If you mix Earth and Water, you'll be left with Healing. That produces a hyacinth that you cill be able to touch onto someone's skin, and the area which you touch will be healed. Finally, Poison can be made if you mix Fire and Earth together. It will appear as a crimson flower, which you can put into your target's drink. The flower will dissolve, and the drink will be poisoned.
        There are also secondary potions. Toxicity, Glass, and Wood. Wood can be attained by mixing Earth and Healing. It will come to you in one log, so use it carefully. Glass can be acquired by mixing Ice and Fire. The Fire would melt the Ice, not leaving Water as you might expect but a searing hot, boiling version of Water. I guess that's kind of Water, but this Water hardens into Glass. Finally, there's Toxicity, which can be made if you mix Poison with Air. This will cause the Poison to dissolve in the space which you are in, which creates a sort of gas that causes immediate death. It works quicker and is is less noticeable.
        Last but not least, we have legendary elements. The legendary elements are Time, Celestial, Memory, and Wisdom. You cannot craft, mix, create, or make any of the legendary elements. They can only be found, and even then, they are extremely rare. Time allows you to travel in time, turn back the clocks, and also view the timeline of the world. Celestial lets you throw star-shaped disks at people, and when they make contact, the person becomes one with your star, allowing you to retrieve it and it will be more powerful. Memory makes you able to read a person's mind, erase memories, and even implant memories. The only catch is, the memories had to have been real memories at some point - you can't just craft a memory. Finally, Wisdom grants you a large book that weighs nothing at all and contains all of the knowledge in the world. This is the hardest to attain, and only know what it does because it is written in runes.


-Basic elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air
-Potions: Steam, Smoke, Ice, Healing, Poison
-Secondary potions: Toxicity, Glass, Wood
-Legendary elements: Time, Celestial, Memory, Wisdom
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