Spring flower featuring another short unfinished poem

This is a series of poems by me, all unfinished about deep feelings and life. I hope you can relate, feel free to comment and leave feedback thanks ❤️

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Spring flower featuring a short unfinished poem

She was a spring flower in Arkansas weather
Tricked by the warmth she bloomed thinking she would last forever
With the shining sun she grew
A soft rain came whispering secrets only she knew
One day the circumstances changed
A long came a heavy rain
The water flooded over her head
The next morning she was found dead
You see everyone knew it wasn't her fault she was gone
It was her environments for treating her wrong

Why is it different for people?
Even if you plant your seed right by the steeple
She can still be watered by evil
She slowly distanced her self and her roots grew away
Making everyone oblivious she wasn't okay
Her focus was no longer on the sweet whispers coming down
Because the negativity was too loud
Her unhealthy environment made her feel dead inside
So one day she committed suicide
She was the beautiful flower floating down stream
Her soul slowly faded away, awakening her mothers worst dream  

•Poem #two•

How could you do this to me?
A question that robbed so much sleep
But then I realized, I did this to myself,
I opened my door and willingly let you in
Time and time again
To you I was just a fun time, a temporary fix for the pain you tried to hide
But you were the reason for the fire in my chest and the emptiness I feel inside
They say time heals, but it’s been four months and all time has done is make me numb

•Poem #three•

I use to spill my pain on pages in my notebook
And let the words pour with a poetic hook
But here lately I’ve been keeping my emotions in a cage
I’ve been handling things differently and dancing with rage
I feel as if I’m no longer me
As if maybe the cage didn’t come with a key
And I’ll never feel again

•Poem #four•
I think I’ll marry my depression,
As a matter of fact we’ve been together so long it’s like an obsession,
I’ve found comfort in these toxic walls
That hold me back but catch me as I fall
You see that’s the thing
I don’t want to be happy because happy is change
As every aspect of my life is inconsistent
I can count on my depression to remain persistent  
I find comfort in the only certainty in my life
So it might as well put a ring on me and call me it’s wife
It’s as if we’re chained together
It comes with a weight that feels as if it tears me down forever

•Poem #five•
Her therapist said she needed coping skills
So she turned to big thrills
That she needed to release her rage
So she decorated her arm like it was a page
Putting beautiful red lines
In places no one would find
Coming up with lies to hide
The pain she felt inside
Depression causes headaches
And her anxiety made her body shake
So she found her a “medicine”
And failed to realize how deep she had fallen in
She took pill after pill, shot after shot
Hoping she’d forget every intrusive thought
After all her therapist said calming her anxiety
Should be her main priority
She filled herself up until she felt even more empty
No matter how many mind altering things she did she still felt ugly
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