Misao (Sonic version.)

Roles: Misao: Alexis. Aki: Allie. Kudoh: Dalton. Tohma: Brandon. Yoshino: Morgan. Saotome/Otome: Hailey. Isabelonkr: (XD) Aj. Mr. Sohta: Mr. P Onigawara: Michael cause they wear awesome fadoras. :D Ayaka: Erika.

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Chapter 1.

Where am I? (I do not own the story the characters I do though.)

Allie: Uh... Alexis? Is that you Alexis?
Allie: Alexis! W-was I dreaming? I thought I heard Alexis, I guess it was just a dream. Its been three months. Oh no! Its so late! I'm gonna be late for school. *gets jacket*. Alexis never stood out to much in our class, she was just a simple girl really. I wasn't to close to her but I was always worrying about Alexis being alone. I hoped I could be her friend but that didn't happen. Three months ago Alexis went missing. She wasn't coming to school and she hadn't come home either. She's not the type to flee home, our parents say she might have gotten involved in something. Our class spread the rumor that Alexis was long dead by now. I really hope their wrong, I wanted to be her friend.*leaves the house*.
~in class~
Mr.P: So here you have.
Allie: <That voice I heard in my dream...was that Alexis?>
Mr.P: *walks over to her*. You've got guts to ignore my lecture.
Allie: Eek!
Mr.P: This information will be essential to the test so you'd better listen.
Allie: I'm sorry.
Mr.P: *leaves*.
Allie: *small giggle*.
~after class~
Erika: Mr. P has a new suit like whoa, super suave.
Allie: Erika you've been talking him up all morning, don't you ever get tired of blabbing?
Erika: But he's suuuch a ladies man. He's so nice, and smart, and the best. Oh yeah gotta use some hand cream. *puts some on*. Did you hear? I did. There's a rumor that Mr.P has a hand fetish so maybe if I constantly clean my hands every day he'll like me more.
Allie: I don't really care Erika.
Erika: Don't really care she says, HA! You've got no eye for men Allie, what do you see in a seducer like Brandon?
Allie: *blushes*. I never said I liked anybody I just think he's kind of cool that's all.
Erika: Reeeally? Nyhehehehehe.
Allie: Yes really!
Morgan: There's been some spooky paranormal activity going on at this school. I'm getting a little freaked.
Brandon: Paranormal my *ss.
Morgan: I'm for real, the other day a kid got dragged away in the bathroom.
Dalton: There was also the glass in the third floor hallway being broken from the inside.
Morgan: Gotta be ghosts.
Hailey: Eek I'm scared!
Brandon: Ghosts? Huh dumb*ss those don't exist. Wait waddif this is Alexis' curse.
Dalton: Look this is no time for jokes.
Morgan: But I mean its totally possible, she's been missing for three months and suddenly this stuff just starts happening.
Brandon: If those events really are Alexis' curse, Morgan'll be cursed sooner or later.
Morgan: Hm? What did I ever do?
Dalton: Morgan, you did bully Alexis a lot.
Morgan: Bully, why'd never, I was just making a little fun. And Brandon always screwed with Alexis your the one who'll get cursed.
Brandon: Me? Eh I'm fine Alexis always looked up to me.
Dalton: I wonder.
Hailey: Braaandon, I'm scaaared. I mean I'm your girlfriend, Alexis might have a grudge.
Brandon: Don't sweat it Hailey, I'll protect you.
Morgan: Pah, do what you want lovebirds.
Brandon: Aleeexisss! Please don't curse us! The rest of us are fair game though. *chuckles and all feel the earth shake*.
Morgan: An earthquake?!
Brandon: What the heck's going on?!
Allie: Ah.
Erika: Allie?
Alexis: Help...
Allie: Alexis... Alexis! <I can hear her speaking to me.>
Brandon: Allie your talking crazy talk.
Alexis: Find me. *all black out*.
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Misao!!!! cool!
on February 18, 2015
on February 18, 2015