Me and My Sister (1)

This story will contain true stories about me and my sister. And I know that "it could be worse" and that "there are other people suffering in the world," and I wish that wasn't true, but I can't be happy and carefree all the time: I need to get my feelings out. By the way, I won't share her real name in the story - I'll just call her Phoebe. NOTE: No matter what I say in here, I kind of sometimes still love her.

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Chapter 1.

The Blanket

Phoebe has a bunk bed, and sometimes, she lets me sleep on the bottom bunk while she sleeps on the top. We call it "sleeping together," and I know that sounds wrong, but I don't mean it that way. XD
So one night, she asked me to sleep with her. Keep in mind, she was excited about me sleeping in her room, and she loved it when I slept with her other times. I got my blankets and pillow, put them on the bottom bunk, and went to brush my teeth. When I went back in her room, I noticed that one of my blankets was nowhere to be seen. I finally looked on the top bunk and there Phoebe was, with my blanket. I asked her to give it back, and she didn't. Normally, I would have called for my parents, but on this night, they were out on a date and left us with our foreign exchange student - let's call her D. Since she's from Thailand, "The Land of Smiles," she gets stressed out when Phoebe and I fight. So I couldn't yell for D.
After asking Phoebe to give me back my blanket a few more times, I had to resort to force. I attempted to pull my blanket away from her.
Phoebe smirked, saying, "Aww, the baby wants her blankie!" Then she laughed.
I finally managed to get it from her, and the force made me fall backwards onto the floor. Now Phoebe was angry, so she climbed down from the top bunk and LAUNCHED herself off of the bottom bunk, landing on me. She then began slapping me on the back, hard, and pulling my hair.
"GIVE IT TO ME!" she was shouting. I refused.
I eventually got her off of me, and I collected my other things on the bottom bunk and left for my room. When I reached my doorway, I heard a noise, so I turned around. It was Phoebe, CRYING.
"You JERK!" she yelled, sobbing. Then she ran back into her room.
No one ended up getting in trouble - not even her.
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