My OC: Dagger's Story

Danny is a 3 year old girl, living with her parents, Shannon and Kyle. But one day, everything changes...

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Chapter 1.


Kyle Davis smiled as he watched Danny play on the floor. "Choo choo train!" Danny would shout, giggling. Her chubby legs pounded the floor as she kicked them absentmindedly, driving a small red train across the rug.
Suddenly, she threw the train. It skidded across the floor. Danny's eyes burned with hatred. Kyle swallowed. What was going on? "Danny, hey, what happened to the train?" he asked.
Danny gave him a creepy smile. Her mouth curved up in an almost inhuman way. "Inside, Bad Man took the dagger and then the other people on the train didn't live," Danny whispered, eyed flashing.
Kyle gulped. "Danny- Danny, honey, you shouldn't be talking about that-"
Danny lunged for his throat. It caught Kyle so off guard that all he could do was gag as Danny squeezed his neck. "Bad Man didn't like the people! He didn't like their breathing! Bad Man and me don't like breathing!"
All of a sudden, Danny let go. Stars swam before Kyle's eyes as he gasped for breath. He didn't even notice Danny leave the room and come back with a dagger-like knife from the kitchen. He was still catching his breath when Danny stabbed his thigh.
The searing pain rocketed up his leg. "Agh!!!!" he screamed. Blood streamed out of the wound. He fell out of the chair. "SHANNON!"
Shannon came running. "Oh my God! Oh my God!" she shrieked, helping Kyle up and trying to stop the bleeding. She grabbed the phone with bloody hands. "9-1-1!" she shouted. "My husband was stabbed!" She gave the police her address.
Minutes later, the paramedics arrived. They took Kyle to the hospital, and Shannon rode in the back of the ambulance. Kyle told the police that Danny was the only person in the house other than himself and Shannon.
"It couldn't have been Danny!" exclaimed Shannon, squeezing Kyle's hand. "She's only three!"
Kyle winced. "Who else was it? A ghost?"
Meanwhile, four police officers snuck into the Davis' home. "Here, Danny Danny Danny..." they whispered.
"Guys, come on - she's a toddler! She couldn't have stabbed the guy. No way," one policeman complained. "I feel stupid. That Davis guy probably accidentally cut himself. It's no big deal. We're making a mountain out of a mole-" Out of nowhere, a blur of white pounced on the policeman. The cop screamed as something stabbed him over and over again. When the others were finally able to get Danny off of the man, he was dead. They restrained the child and brought her to Hansfield Rehabilitation Center.
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