A Warfstache adventure.

A Warfstache adventure.

I own nothing and I made this for my own desire and creativity so yeah.

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Chapter 1.
The pink stache. (I own nothing.)

The pink stache. (I own nothing.)

My P.O.V.
I couldn't wait to head out. My cousin had invited me to go swimming with her and her friends. I was in California for the summer. (BTW not all the youtubers in this may not live in Cali but just roll with it.) I stared at the ground as I walked. I couldn't stop humming Wrapped Up by Olly Murs. I smiled walking past a dead mouse with its kidneys ripped out. I almost stepped on its hand. The sight made me almost puke. I ran past it and started on my way to the pool. I gulped down the idea of being dead as something hit my head. "Ow," I growled as two boys laughed at me. I undid my hair from a ponytail and glared at the two boys with cold black eyes. My eyes always turned black when I'm angry. They stopped laughing and backed away from me. I threw their ball down the street and it got ran over by a car. I smirked to myself and looked down at the sidewalk. A pink flash whisked under my feet. "What was that?" I muttered. I chased after it confused.

Mark's P.O.V.
I woke up in my room with Tiny Box Tim in his little bed. I smiled as Tim looked at me. "Good morning Mark," Tim said. "Hello my little biscuit," I smiled petting his head with my hand. I got up and went into my bathroom to get my warfstache. I always wear it to get motivated for another Lets Play. I went to where I usually put it but it was missing. I looked around my bathroom but found no trace of it. I bet Wade stole it after Bob and I insulted him on Drunk Minecraft, or maybe Yami did to tease Markimash fangirls, or maybe Jack stole it while he was drunk because Irish men always do stupid things when drunk. "Dingus dammit," I muttered looking at Tim. "What's wrong Mark?" "I can't find my warfstache, did you see anyone take it?" Tim pondered this for a moment. "No but I did see a pink light come from where you usually have it before you woke up." "I can't do Lets Plays without my warfstache. This calls for only one solution." "An adventure?" Tim asked eagerly. I nodded and picked him up. "Lets go on an adventure Tim!"
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