DragonTale: The Adventure Begins

DragonTale: The Adventure Begins

Welcome to the UnderDen where all monsters are part dragon. Frisk the young Knight, DON'T LOOSE HOPE!

published on August 25, 20167 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


Our Adventure starts with a young child dressed in armor falling down.
Who is called Frisk, Stay strong and fight for their freedom....

Ow..That hurt but it is better than being killed on the battle field. Huh, this must be the forbidden area.. What the hell is with all these god damn FLOWERS?!
Oh well, Might as well move on. "HELLO? IS ANYONE THERE?!" I called out but instead of a human appearing a small flower with a dragon styled face with little horns.
"Well, lucky me i seemed to have found a human child. The tenth one who has fallen down here, anyway Howdy I'm Flow-" "Wait, tenth child?!" I cut off the Flower in fear. "Let me finish introducing myself, FILTHY HUMAN! anyway like i said, My name is Flowey the Dragon Flower and your in the UnderDen which is where us monsters live. We have lived here for a long time in which we need Ten souls to become free again." He explains, as i stand there confused but the atmosphere starts to make my skin crawl as white little lights appear behind the flower. "And you happen to be the Tenth human to fall down here, so WELCOME TO THE UNDERDEN WHERE IT IS DESTROY OR BE DESTROYED!" He cackled while shooting the small lights at me, as i dodge most of them a few unfortunately hit me and i see a little bar appear in front of me as it slowly drops, "that doesn't seem good.." I whisper to myself, but before i could attack a bone comes flying out from the shadows and a gruff voice follows it "Stop being a little turd to the child, garden weed." "Piss off Bone Head, This ones going to die like the others!" yells Flowey in the direction of the voice, "get out of here before I kill you flower!" a Skeleton says while walking out from the shadows. "FINE, But if this becomes evil. I will kill it." Flowey says will disappearing underground. "heh, Are you okay Kid?" the Skeleton ask "No, my vision is blurry and I'm feeling sick." I say rather quickly before passing out from blood loss.

Crap, the stupid garden weed did a number on this one, as i catch the human I notice they're heavier then others I have tried to save from dying But what confused me most was the armor they're wearing and how it looks a lot like the royal guard uniform that most of the monster wear down here even the younger ones because as soon as monsters find their powers we are forced into the guard and are trained till we drop everyday so once the barrier is destroyed we can take back the land that was once ours. Not me though, save by being a scientist but that makes me a rouge one due to the fact i ran away from all of that still amazes me that freedom was easy to get but being on the run and having to hide from all guards and apprentices to them, even my own brother wants me captured and force to be in the guard.
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