Don't worry about it, Cry...

Don't worry about it, Cry...

Ok, this is a Pewdiecry story. Although they never met each other in reality, I still ship it. Anyways, when Cry is depressed, Pewdiepie tries to comfort him. Please read my crappy shipfic!

published on September 08, 201541 reads 17 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.
A.K' s Death.

A.K' s Death.

(Pewdiepie' s P.O.V)
It all started with an online message. As I clicked on the message, My heart beat quickly. I was excited to be getting a message. I smiled widely as I read who it was from. I had gotten a message from Cryaotic...
   The first thing I noticed about the message were the two sad face emojis. This can't be good. I read the message. Cry' s cat, A.K had died... Poor Cry. And A.K...
(Cry' s P.O.V)
  I got a reply. It was nice to hear the sound of a notification, but it didn't make up for my loss. Pulling a chunk of my dark brown hair from behind my mask, I read the reply. "Awww, that's sad. Want to join me for a game of Bloody Traplands?" I opened the game and waited for Pewd's character to appear beside mine. I remembered a line from the song I had written when Pewds went to get the door. "Just doing the thing with the... cats." I was about to cry as I clicked the "X".
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Aww, I haven't read a pewdiecry fanfic in a while!
on September 09, 2015
on September 09, 2015