Holiday Special: "St. Patrick's Day"

Holiday Special: "St. Patrick's Day"

Peter is super unlucky. On St. Patrick's Day one year, however, he meets a leprechaun, who might just change his luck...

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I wake up at 5:00 am by falling out of my bed, as usual. When I try to get back in bed, I twist my sheets all up. And then, when I finally manage to fall back to sleep, I have a nightmare.
And that's just during the nighttime.
I sleep through my alarm, and wake up 5 minutes before the bus leaves. When I sit upright in bed, I hit my head on the wall. Figures.
I don't have any clean clothes, so I have to wear a dirty shirt and some of my sister's pants. They're too small for me, and I just barely fit into them. I have to wear mismatched socks.
When I brush my teeth, I accidentally swallow some toothpaste, and then it turns out that my sister had dropped my toothbrush in the trash beforehand.
At breakfast, we're out of milk, eggs, bread, and cereal. I grab a granola bar, but it's expired. I guess I'll just go hungry.
I'm 10 seconds late for the bus. My mom drives me to school, and embarrasses me with her leprechaun hat. I'm late to class, and get detention.
There's a pop quiz in health, which I fail, and in ELA, I realize I forgot my homework. Then in science, I'm paired up with my worst enemy, and we have to dissect a frog. I throw up.
At lunchtime, I'm sitting outside, alone, when I see a ladybug land on my hand. I try to shake it off, but it doesn't leave. Then I remember something - aren't ladybugs supposed to be lucky? I look closely, and suddenly, it turns into a leprechaun!
"Peter, my lad, I've been watching you all day, and it seems like you have a bad case of misfortune! You didn't happen to break a mirror within the last 7 years, did you?"
I blink, and my mouth falls open. "Uh- uh-" Then I remember. "Actually, yes, a few years ago, I broke a mirror by accident. Why?"
The leprechaun sighs and rubs its tiny forehead. "Oh, Peter... Peter, Peter, Peter... Breaking a mirror causes 7 years of bad luck!" It pauses to tap its chin. "However, you did say it was an accident... tell you what: I'll reverse the bad luck spell on you, and you should be lucky again! In return, you give me that." He points to my head. I feel around up there, and to my surprise, there's a leprechaun hat! Mom must have slipped it on me when I left the car. I hand it to him, and he looks pleased. "Thank you. You should have good luck again. Good bye!" With that, he disappeared.
The next subject is math. We're handed back tests that have been graded, and I get an A+. In social studies, my teacher praises me on being the only one to correctly answer her question. In gym, I'm able to run around the track.
After school, on the bus, my crush sits next to me, and we find out we have lots of things in common. At home, I win a bet with my sister, and she pays me $20. My parents make my favorite meal for supper, there are new episodes of my favorite TV show, and I'm allowed to stay up an hour later than usual.
As I fall asleep tonight, I can only think one thing:
Seems like my luck IS changing.
Somewhere, a leprechaun sits in his armchair and giggles.
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