Tell me about Quadrants <Homestuck DaveKat Dave Strider Karkat Vantas>

Tell me about Quadrants <Homestuck DaveKat Dave Strider Karkat Vantas>

DaveKat (OTP) The young troll smiled into the humans neck. He was happy with the end results of the situation and honestly, he was glad that his anger caused him to do something stupid and kiss him the way he did.

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Chapter 1.

Part 1

Dave had fallen asleep on the couch for the second time that week. Probably just tired but he really didn't have a great reason since their wasn't a great amount of exhausting activities to do on a giant rock. It wasn't even night time when he decided to sit down on the couch to rest but resting always lead to sleeping whenever he sat down there. His arms were rested above the head of the couch with his head tilted to the side, slightly pushing against his arm to almost drop down from on top of the couch. Dave was only half asleep when he heard footsteps coming closer but he didn't bother to open his eyes, instead pretending to still be sleeping to see if the unknown person would leave him alone to rest when they passed

Karkat was walking aimlessly around on the meteor. He had nothing important to do, no matter how much he could lie to himself, he knew the truth. Circles where forming under his eyes already from his lack of sleep. He wasn't in the market to have anymore nightmares. He walked toward a couch that already was occupied. He thought about rudely waking the sleeping figure up but when he saw it was Dave he decided against it. He wasn't in the mood to listen to Dave tease him or start rapping about that god awful drink, Apple Juice. Instead, he fetched a blanket for the blonde human and laid it over him before sliding his shades off and setting them on the table next to the couch. "YOU IDIOT. YOU MIGHT BREAK YOUR SHADES THIS WAY..."

Dave flinched a little when is shades were removed from him. Karkat knows how face felt about his shades being taken off so why would he anyways. Just because Dave seems to be sleeping didn't mean that he wouldn't care if they were talking off. Gog forbid that Dave opened his eyes in front of the wrong person but he really didn't want his eye color to be a big deal, if he ha a choice he would have never chosen red for an eye color "thanks for worrying but can u actually have them back?" He slid one of his arms from of the head of the couch and held out his hand to where he thought karkat was standing except he didn't bother to open his eyes in front of karkat, especial him since he knew well enough that karkat would be one of the people to over react about the situation

Karkat jumped in shock from Daves voice, letting out a squeak. He fell over and looked up at the human as his hand reached out and grasped his knee. Blushing, he shoved Daves hand away and reached for his shades, hesitantly giving them to him. "WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL WITH THEM ANYWAYS? WHY THE F*CK ARE YOU ALWAYS WEARING THESE WHEN YOU HAVE NO REASON TO?" Karkat wouldn't tell Dave he removed his shades hoping to get a peak at them when he awoke but he knew Dave would kill him, so he didn't say anything. He was extremely curious about the humans eye color and he just knew something was up. He stood back up and sat in the little space left on the couch, his backside touching Daves waist.

Dave slightly smirked when he heard karkat stumble back. Did he really think Dave was going to sleep without is shades on. He would if he was behind closed doors but that was rare "I like to wear them and theirs nothing wrong with doing what I like" he shrugged as he used one hand to put his shades back on to shield his eyes once again "but I guess you always have something to complain about with me" Dave was aware of how odd it was to be shielding his eyes every second of the day but he never really had a problem with someone going as far as taking it off themselves since Dave had set boundaries on what he hated for people to touch, his shades being one of them for his own personal reasons th others being his hair and cape along with aj but the more personal things were, the more protective he was about keeping them untouched

The young troll grumbled in annoyance at Daves reply. All he wanted was to make sure he didn't break his shades and maybe catch a sneak peak at his eyes. He leaned back, laying on top of the human as he rested his head back against the headboard of the couch and closed his eyes. "WELL WHEN THEY BREAK, DON'T COME CRYING TO ME IDIOT AND I AM ONLY POINTING OUT SOME FLAWS IN YOUR FEEBLE ATTEMPT FOR ATTENTION AND ADMIRATION F*CK*SS. YOU BOTH ANNOY ME AND DO NOT AT TIMES BUT THAT DOESN'T F*CKING MATTER. WHAT MATTERS IS THAT ONE DAY I WILL FIND OUT WHAT LIES UNDER THOSE SHADES."

Dave groaned as he opened his eyes from under his shades just to look at karkat's position on the couch "first off I'm not gonna break them. Second I'm not looking for any attention through dark lenses and third your not taking these off anymore than you've already had. My question for you now is why do you care so much anyways ? I thought small things like this wouldn't be something to talk about?" He moved both of his arms off from on top of the couch and fixed them to be crossed over his chest instead. Dave hated to have the questioning all over him and would usually try to turn it over on his opponent, especially karkat since he always got a far more interesting reaction associated with anger majority of the time but that's what always made it amusing for Dave to watch and listen to

He clenched his teeth and opened his eyes, looking over at Dave before replying. "THAT'S NONE OF YOUR F*CKING  BUSINESS STRIDER. JUST F*CK OFF." for once he had nothing to say, his eye lids growing heavy, he fell over and laid on Dave, his head pressed against the humans shoulder as he curled up into him. He felt his eyelids shutting slightly. " I'M JUST CURIOUS OKAY? LEAVE ME ALONE..."

Dave glared down at the new bundle of warm that happened to be clinging onto his side at the moment. Sure karkat looked pretty tired but Dave could care less, the more tired karkat got the easier Dave could talk to him without getting yelled at "well, what's under my shades is none of you're business but if your really curious than doing everything yourself isn't the way. Eventually you'll find out...just, you know...When I'm dead and you get to inspect my face like the so called "curious" troll you are" he joked as he slowly moved one arm to sling around karkat as he spoke just so his words would drag more attention than his movements that intended to wrap karkat closer into his side

"WHY THE F*CK WOULD I WANT TO INSPE- OH. YES. I WILL MOST DEFINITELY INSPECT YOUR DEAD BODY BECAUSE I HAVE NO RESPECT WHATSOEVER TO THE FEW HUMAN TRADITIONS I KNOW." he felt Daves arm snake around him and pull him closer, but he ignored the movement, slightly hoping for more physical contact. He let out a soft sigh as he breathed against the humans neck, clutching the kids shirt tightly as he was laying next to him.

Dave didn't really understand what was up with karkat being so clingy or decently nice as to not try and rant out a whole new argument so neither of them could even sleep "i was joking okay. My point is that you really shouldn't care so much about what I "hide" but you've made it quite obvious that you do care for some dumb troll reason" he really didn't think anyone would be curious about the color of his eyes but even his bro hadn't taken his shades off for shit, even though their shape seemed too questionable to even have in the first place but it seemed so easy for bro to hide stuff from people. Everyone took him seriously and never doubted him but Dave, Dave was treated nothing like his bro, maybe because he was a little bit loose on the not that bro had tied tight enough that it could never loosen up but sooner or later, Dave's not would fall apart, along with the rest of himself, like being split into two completely different personas

Karkats eyes slowly began to close as the warmth from both Dave and the blanket overwhelmed him. When the human opened his mouth again and began speaking, his eyes opened again. He was too tired to want to start ranting but Daves continuation of the conversation was irking him. All he wanted was to sleep, was it too much to ask for? "DAVE. I SWEAR. JUST SHUT THE F*CK UP. I COULD CARE LESS IF YOU WERE JOKING. I DON'T GIVE A F*CK ABOUT YOUR EYES DAVE, THE FACT THAT YOU THINK. FOR A SPLIT SECOND THAT I CARE THAT MUCH JUST GOES TO SHOW HOW EGOTISTICAL YOU REALLY ARE. I THOUGHT YOU WERE TIRED STRIDER. TIRED PEOPLE AND TROLL DON'T NAG THE F*CK OUT OF OTHERS JUST BECAUSE. I'M TIRED, YOU'RE TIRED, JUST SHUT UP SO I CAN SLEEP AND RANT AT YOU AFTER OUR NAP ABOUT YOUR F*CKING HAND TOUCHING ME."
He then curled up closer to the human and allowed his eyes to shut again, not fully asleep, just resting his eyes and waiting for Daves response.

Dave moved his hand up to pinch karkat's neck before lowering it back down to the middle of his back and bringing him in closer just so he could show his hatred with a sugar coat that he covered it up with by bringing karkat closer to himself. He knew that if he said anything more than neither of them would be able to get more than five minuets of sleep but since when did karkat like to be closer to Dave ? The only reason why the ever got close is if the were fighting or if Dave snuck up behind him to control karkat's direction on his hand to what he was drawing. It seemed to Dave that whenever karkat showed any sort of affection it was covered by hate just to mask over whatever feelings he had but Dave was similar in a way except he covered over his affection with sly words just to annoy the other, which never seemed to get him too far anyways

The small troll growled at Dave when he pinched his neck, flipping the human off with what little room he had. Daves unnecessary teasing only vexed the mutant blooded troll more than it should have but this was Karkat and just about everything inflamed him. When he felt the human pull him closer, he blushed slightly and shoved his face into Daves shirt to hide it. The closeness of the two sent a blissful feeling through him that made him feel as if he was on cloud nine, sadly, he was never going to allow himself this sense of peace again. Despite how happy he was in Daves arms and how he just knew, somehow deep inside, that he would have a peaceful nap, he couldn't allow this again. Not only did he not deserve this positive emotion, but he was afraid of the end results of excepting it. Instead, the sleepy troll relaxed into the humans arms and allowed himself to sleep, his breath slowing to a bare minimum.

Dave grinned as he felt karkat's head get pushed farther into his chest, making Dave feel high on his thrown to know that karkat was calm enough to be close up to Dave even though it wasn't something intended to a purpose of what either of the showed to want. He rested his head back into the couch and let his empty arm lay beside him with no effort to even be moved in any way. Sure, Dave knew that none of this would last long but why is it that Dave....enjoyed being this close to his short horned friend? It didn't necessarily mean that Dave had feelings for him but Dave's thoughts kept nagging at him to a wonder of what was really going on with himself. Dave enjoyed the warmth from the other and the small hints of affection that he rarely seemed to get but Dave was aware of troll romance to a small advance, he knew that some could relate to human relationships and the one thing bothering him is if karkat was actually trying to hint at a hate relationship between each other but Dave could never understand fully on how troll roed, it just wasn't something he was too interested in until now

Sleeping, the short troll nuzzled into the human, trying to get warmer from the body heat between them. He shivered and tangled his feet with the others, pressing his chest flat against the others and wrapping his arms around the humans neck and skull, braiding his fingers into his hair. For once the troll was having a dreamless sleep but all good things would come to a end, that's just how it works, right? The sleeping troll waited for his soon to come nightmares, none coming like he assumed.

Dave went into a small panic as karkat shifted to a knew position. What was he supposed to do? The small troll was practically attached to him and Dave for once in his life, didn't know what to do. Should he move his position as well ? Or slowly slide away from the others grip to avoid being yelled at when the small troll woke up? Gog, Dave didn't know what to do and that's what panicked him. If he messed just one thing up than he would have to deal with karkat's anger all over again even though the rising redness that appeared on his face when infuriated was a little appealing to Dave's perspective of mind, it was toppled over by all of karkat's yelling that Dave always needed to put up with. His unoccupied arm slowly moved to mimic his other as it wrapped around karkat's back only to show that Dave was still awake even though he could fell his eyelids getting heavy, eventually just falling asleep in the same position he had drifted off to sleep in since he hadn't moved

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