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Fandom live?
Thinking about making a book that talks about different fandoms. It involves people submitting their own stories into it or unanimously. Anyone interested?
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What type of quiz do you want?
So, I currently have two quizes that I'm working on that need to be edited and such but I was curious on what type of quiz you guys want? Please tell me what everyone has in mind.
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Important question about davekat fanfiction
So, the very last chapter of my davekat fanfiction gives a sneak peak into book two and I'm not going to publish book two on this site because everyone is strongly against karkat selfcest and in book two karkat ends up meeting ...
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Why does everyone on this site like Sonic so much?
I mean, nothing is wrong with sonic but WOW everyone likes it? Like, I feel like 99% of the users are going to be furries one day.
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nsfw anyone?
Would everyone be down for me publishing some nsfw on this site? They'll be mostly homestuck related but I plan to do some loz and other pairings later.
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How do you feel about the recent legalization of Gay Marriage?
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Would You rather smooch a ghost or smooch a ghost?
Might be attempting to be undertale trash oops)
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