There is a Zombie Apocalypse and some students are trying to get away from it.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter One

Monday 12, 2090- March
“Heads up, Connor!!” warned Bianca as she hit the tennis ball.
        “Awwww I missed it!” Alyssa whined from beside the other court.
        “Want another shot huh princess?” Xander asked, flirtatiously.
“Do not flirt to my sister!” Joshua said, defending his sister who was just stunned.
“Ok ok practice!” Scarlett commanded.  Aaron laughed and threw the ball to Joshua.
They were playing against each other to test their skills.  Elijah and Bianca were playing against Connor and Layla in Court One while Xander and Aaron is played Joshua and Alyssa in Court Two. Scarlett was being a spectator and a coach. The others are fans.
“Let's go Xander!” Cassandra cheered, having a minor crush on Xander.
“Oh I wanna have a go on a date with you too.” Xander winked at Cassandra before hitting the ball to the other team.
“Humph not today Xander!” Alyssa shouted and hit the ball.
“Nice shot.” Connor  complemented. Alyssa muttered a thanks and began to play better.
“What the freak is that?” Nathaniel yelled.
They stopped the game and looked where Nathaniel was pointing.
“Freak, it looked like what's in The Running Dead!!” informed Nikki.
“Are they gonna use this court to shoot the movie?” Connor asked, being naive type.
“No. They look so real!!” Scarlett exclaimed.
“Run?” Layla asked.
“Noooo I don't wanna leave the court!” Xander complained.
“How bout we make it like a base of ours like The Running Dead?” Nikki asked.
“Sure.” Summer nodded and ran to lock the doors. The group huddled up in the middle as they try to not cringe as the zombies banged on the metal gate. Until finally Alyssa and Joshua’s stomach groaned.
“Sis!! I want food!” Joshua whined to Alyssa.
“Is that Remi?” gasped Nikki as she pointed to a girl with purple tattered hair and badge on her hand which was half torned.
“REMI!!!!!” shouted Summer childishly yelled. They noticed that Remi had huge hole on where her brain was suppose to be.  
“Oh crap. What weapon do we have to protect ourselves from the zombified student counselor member?” Alyssa asked.
“The tennis balls ?” answered Nikki.
“The heck? No!!? We are splitting into groups. The group of the that guard the base and the group that goes find supplies.” Aaron said, not daring to give up his tennis ball.
“Boys gather supplies and girls will stay and guard our base!” said Summer brilliantly.
“I wanna be in the group to find supplies.” Nikki said speaking up.
“Don’t worry sis! I will protect youuuuu!!!!” Elijah said dramatically.
“You sound like I am dying!” protested Nikki. Nikki and the other girls hugged and Scarlett opened the gate which resulted to a loud screeching noise. The zombies all looked towards them. 2
“Well sh*t” commented Aaron as he kicked the zombie. The zombie groaned and grabbed his leg. Nikki was petrified. Without thinking she walked up to the zombie, dodging it’s attacks.
“Hey Nikki snap out of it!!!!” warned Elijah. He used his tennis racket and hit the zombie hard on the head. Nikki was now dripping tears as she remembered the good times.
“Hey Nikki!! Look you are in an anime!” joked Sarah.
“Don’t compare me to an anime Sarah!!” Nikki protested.
“Ok Ok I was just joking. Here’s some chocolate. Smile more Nikki!” Sarah laughed giving Nikki some chocolates.
She now knew that the people she once knew were gone and without even regretting it, she delivered her first punch, a hard nose blowing one that nobody knew she had the potential to do.
“Let’s go!!” Xander yelled, scared that they were gonna die. They ran towards the school and it seemed deserted, most of the zombies had traveled to the city. Only some of them were left. They are ran into the locker room, grabbing their stuff frantically. They cleared their backpacks and ran to the medical nurse’s room. It was filled with zombies and medical stuff. Nikki, Aaron, and Nathaniel punched the remaining zombies while the others were just packing medical stuff. They found crackers, bandaids, axes for who knows what, and a syringe.  They grabbed the crutches and wheelchairs for extra support if they were injured and hurt.
The walk back was very quick.
“Hey!” Xander yelled.
“Sup!”yelled Scarlett. She opened the tennis gates and closed it once everyone was inside.
“Hey, are you ok Nikki?” asked Layla to Nikki, who was being awfully silent. She just nodded and sat on the ground. It seemed that Aaron stole some chairs from the nurses office so he set them up and gestured for Nikki to sit there.         
“So what do we do now?” asked Scarlett.
“We catch up on life I guess” said Cassandra speaking up and running to Scarlett and sitting down next to her.
“Or we can play Tag!!!” suggested Connor. He and Summer ran around the court, which was pretty big for a school’s.
“So who here can drive?” asked Scarlett.  Scarlett, Nikki, Elijah, Xander, and Nathaniel raised their hands.
“Driver Licenses?” Summer asked, running back.
Scarlett, Xander, and Nathaniel shook their heads. But Nikki and Elijah pulled out a card.
On Nikki’s it had Nikki’s picture then it said:
Sex: F                        DOB: November 16th, 2072
Class: A                Expires: January 17, 2357
Eyes: Purple                Signed:  Nikki
And on Elijah’s,  it had his picture and said:
Sex: M                        DOB: November 18th, 2072
        Class: A                Expires: January 17, 2357
        Eyes: Purple                 Signed:  ELIJAH
        “Whoa how did you get that?”Connor asked.
        “Umm we are older than y’all obviously.” Elijah grinned.
        “True that” Summer said.
        “So...wait… who’s that??” Scarlett said, pointing to a man.
        “Dad?”Cassandra asked, speaking up. The mentioned man turned to them and walked towards them. Scarlett opened the gate enough for Cassandra’s dad to slip in.
        “Oh Cassie, how happy I am to see you alive!” Cassandra’s dad wailed hugging his daughter.
        “Where’s mom?”Cassandra asked a little afraid of the outcome. Cassandra’s dad looked at the ground suddenly interested in the green color.
        “She is not dead Cassandra, I think...….. We were separated by a fall. She might be alive that’s what happened” Cassandra’s dad said, then he turned to us, “You must be the Tennis team that Cassandra was telling me about. I am Cassandra’s dad. You may call me, Jack. Thank you for taking care of Cassandra for me.If there’s anything I can repay you with don’t hesitate to ask.”
“It’s fine. We are a team.” Aaron told Jack.        
“Jack, how did you get here?” asked Scarlett.
“Me and my wife were coming to pick up Cassandra to go to her doctor’s appointment. But we were stopped by a policeman. He said some virus was going around and that we may not cross. We walked out of our vehicle and argued with the police and saw a band of not normal people walking through. We hid in our car. I was getting out but suddenly the bridge below us collapsed.”explained Jack. We nodded our heads understandably.
“So, why was Cassie going to the doctor’s?” Joshua asked.
“I have a sickness….”Cassandra murmured. Everyone gasped.
“I have diabetes” Cassandra said to them.
“Oh”everyone said, relief that it wasn’t a big sickness. Jack and Cassandra hugged.
“So what should we do now?” asked Elijah.
“We leave this base. Simple” Joshua said speaking up.
“What?! What do you mean?” Scarlett exclaimed.
“Well obviously we can’t stay here and wait..”Alyssa said for Joshua who was about to replied.
“Elijah come over here. We need to talk.” Nikki commanded. Elijah obeyed with a short groan. There was a hushed whispers heard and then silence.
“We will be meeting you guys somewhere else. Here catch. Call us if you need anything!” Elijah winked at Alyssa before going out with Nikki behind him.  
“What was that about?” Layla asked looking at Alyssa  who was beet red.
        “N-N-Nothing!!” Alyssa  exclaimed, jumping 20 feet in the air of embarrassment.
        “Ahh. Young love!” Jack exclaimed.
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