Fantasy is reality (Deku x Outcast reader)

Fantasy is reality (Deku x Outcast reader)

I got bored, wanted to make something for others that like MHA. Here ya go!

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Chapter 1.
Sky fall

Sky fall

Today nothing out of the ordinary had happened to you. You had breakfast, went to school, did homework in class, and been alone all day. Every day was like that. Everyone at school calls you an outcast, they say you're weird because of your usual positive attitude, and your love for anime. Your favorite is My Hero Academia.  Everyone you've ever met, they hated anime, or never heard of it. You're okay with being alone, because you've gotten used to it after so long.

You honestly relate yourself to Deku; your favorite character. Your parents don't care all too much what you do, even if you cursed. School is about to end for the week, and a new episode of My Hero Academia was released today, you were excited to get home to see it. You always walked home. You were walking in a huge crowd. All the other people around you were like any person in your life. Going about their business, always ignoring you.

You tried to make your way through the crowd, but you heard something. You turned around and looked into the sky. Something- No. SOMEONE was falling. No one else seemed to notice, you started running in the direction of the falling figure. Or, tried to anyway, you were pushing your way through the crowd. When you made it out of the crowd, the figure had fallen into the woods.

You ran in to see if whoever was falling was okay. You were near the middle of the woods when you heard a voice. "That hurt.... How am I going to get home?" You stopped walking. That voice sounded familiar. "Hello?" You called out. It stayed silent for a moment. "Who's there?" The voice had called back. "I-I saw you falling, are you okay?" "I'm okay." "Keep talking, I'll lead you out after I find you." "T-thank you. I don't know where I am. I don't have amnesia, which is a REALLY good thing, but I think that's the biggest sky fall I had in a while. At least I have my bag with me still. The one thing I don't know about my situation is how I ended up in the sky."

His voice is definitely familiar, and now closer. "I hear footsteps. Are you near?" "Yes." You answered as you stepped into an area with a huge Oak Tree. The figure turned around and looked at you. You couldn't believe what you were seeing. "Hi" He said getting off the ground. You hesitated, but you asked; "What's your name?" He slightly smiled and responded. "My name is Izuku Midoriya. What's your name?" You thought this couldn't be real. He HAS to be fake.

"I-I'm (Y/N) (L/N)." "Again, thank you. Can we get out of the woods now?" You nodded, started walking and started to think. 'Is this really Deku? He's in his casual clothes, so what happened? Why was he falling from the sky?' As you were leading the way out, Deku struck up a conversation. "So, where am I? I don't recognize anything here." "You're in (place of your choice)." "Woah! Really!? How will I get home?!" "We'll sort this out, if you're not from here, then police aren't the best option..."

"I was enjoying time with my friends, Todoroki-kun and Kacchan, then someone random runs up to me. They push me, and somehow ended up here. It could have been is quirk to send me here?" You got out of the woods, and soon enough you started leading him to your house. "By the way, you can  call me Deku. Where are we going?" "To my house, you can either stay there for just tonight, or until we figure this out." For most of the walk, people stared at Deku if they walked by him. They mostly stared at Deku because of his hair.

"So many people were staring at me." "I know, a lot of things can be different to people though." "... Yeah, I guess so."
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